Eurogamer -Grid 2 Review

EG:There's something excessively, charmingly melodramatic about American motorsports. When much-loved Brazilian Tony Kanaan took Sunday's Indy 500, it wasn't enough that he'd broken a 12-year duck in a race that saw 68 lead changes, nor that it was the fastest run in the event's 97-year history. Part of broadcaster ESPN's grand narrative revealed that, nine years earlier, Kanaan had given his good luck charm to an Indianapolis girl preparing for a life-and-death operation. On the eve of this year's race, he received a package that contained the charm and a simple note: "Here's your good luck charm back. You take it and win the Indianapolis 500."

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cyborg472501d ago

Well deserved for screwing over the fans, lets hope more mediocre reviews for this game.

KING852501d ago

Haven't played it yet, but I don't think 7 out of 10 constitutes as a mediocre score. I think that's more in the lines of decent/good.

cyborg472501d ago

Its coming from Codies, and Grid 1 was critically praised, so 7/10 is quite mediocre.

Kurt Russell2501d ago

Most reviews I've seen have been around 8/10 all stating its a good game. A couple of 7's and 9's either side but on a whole well scoring.

Personally I've ordered my copy, I loved the originals MP touring cars and am looking forward to hitting up more of that :)

cyborg472501d ago

Looks like majority of the critics are part of the 5% :P

negative2501d ago

Really?? Early reviews are coming in rather positive.

Take your fail someplace else.