IGN- Grid 2 Review

IGN:Is this racing sequel worth taking for a spin?

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LAWSON722499d ago

If only I was not part of the 5%.

SOD_Delta2499d ago

I too am part of the five percent. It's sad because it looks like a great game, but without the cockpit view I lose all immersion.

negative2499d ago

Grid was so good this was an easy decision.

Grid 2 GO!

Boody-Bandit2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

The dynamic cockpit camera was my favorite part of GRID. After watching this review I am going to rent it. No purchase from me since IGN complains about the amount of tracks. That is a deal breaker with me when it comes to spending my cash on any game, diversity & variety.

I get the handle, always be negative, but the removal of options for any reasons is dumbing a game down. That's never a good move. Yet that is all developers have been doing the past several years. Cutting corners and dumbing games down for the masses instead of being more complex and authentic for the core and original fans.

This industry is headed in the wrong direction. Great developers can find a mix for both instead of heading one direction or the other. Especially since most take the easier route. Dumbing down and removing options and features.

This went from a must own to in my Q list at Gamefly.

Raf1k12499d ago

I'm one of those who normally doesn't use cockpit view.

I agree that it adds a whole new dimension to the experience but because I'm generally not very good using that view I don't use it.

It's a shame they haven't included it though.

g-nome2499d ago

Yip , looks like a fun racing game , with cockpit view you can hardly see the road and surroundings anyway , no loss.
I like bonnet cam myself.

Yukicore2499d ago

I am surprised that people have liked your comment. Because just some time ago there were raging people who were all about cockpit camera.

It sure does look like a fun racing game, certainly not the GRID I was expecting, judging from the 1st GRID, but it will be fun to play it at least.

Yukicore2499d ago

I just played the game, and I can say it really is very fun indeed, although in gameplay footages it looks very arcadey, when you play it yourself it feels really realistic-like and it is not that hard to f*ck up too.

I have to say, I really like racing simulation games, but they rarely give you that amazing racing feeling, however this game delivers that.

And Ultra graphics look and feel so great on PC, and doesn't ask too much resources either.

2499d ago
ryanf_2792499d ago

PHEW I thought the publishers were EA BUT Codemasters developed and published this game....looks like I can buy it now! :)

Kietz2499d ago

Such an idiotic comment.

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