Dragon's Crown Gameplay Trailer Translation

Gameskinny's Joseph Rowe tries his hand at translating the latest gameplay trailer for Dragon's Crown.

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ltachiUchiha2496d ago

The gameplay looks pretty cool, i just wish it wasnt so linear but not every game needs it so i cant complain.

N4GCB2495d ago

It may be a side scroller but it won't be linear, I heard you can go on new and different journeys each playthrough suggesting you'll be able to explore in a non linear fashion like most side scrollers, maybe something like odin sphere's map system but in a tree form.

And THAT is what I'm excited for.

DivineAssault 2495d ago

i think the game is just fine.. Ill be buying it day 1

banjadude2494d ago

FYI, EB Games/Gamestop are offering a free artbook as a preorder bonus...

DivineAssault 2494d ago

Got it reserved already.. Thanks for the info tho

rextraordinaire2494d ago

Yep day one here too, already placed my preorder! :)