First day sales in Japan (3/20)

VGChartz via ameblo is reporting that the first day sales in Japan on March 20th were as follows:

First Day Sales :

Pokémon Ranger: Batonnage (DS) : about 127k
Armored Core for Answer (PS3) : about 44k
Tales of Rebirth (PSP) : about 38k
Deca Sporta (Wii) : about 30k
Sakura Wars (DS) : about 27k
Sim City DS 2 (DS) : about 26k
Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi wo Yobu Cinema Land Katinko Gatnko Daisakusen (DS) : about 19k
Armored Core for Answer (360) : about 16k

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Ovidius3865d ago

Pokemon is still popular, in Japan at least. I wonder how much money Pokemon has made since it started, eh? Man, just release a Pokemon exclusive game for 360 in Japan and it may just reach 2/7ths of the Wii sales... something like that.

doodle3865d ago

posts these NUMBERS

I mean that CYRUS was also in GT forums. He spoiled that with his VG numbers

Now everytime you see VGCRAP numbers you will see that it is posted here by that guy CYRUS

That guy is also a MOD in that forum.

CANT beleive that VG numbers get posted every now and then despite being proven that they are TOTALLY FALSE

doodle3865d ago

bombed as USUAL

This is why RE5 will be released only on PS3 in JAPAN

and KING OF FIGHTERS/BLAZE BLUE are canned for x360 . good jobs CAPCOM and KONAMI

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33865d ago

Sure they mean 16 people bought it for that pile of cr*p! ;-D

outlawauron3865d ago

You realize that these aren't VGchartz numbers right? If you actually followed the link, then you would realize that these were leaked on the Japanese blog sinobi.

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