Fallout: Project Brazil released 31st May

Fallout: Project Brazil is pretty extraordinary. A fan-made mod, this expansion for Fallout: New Vegas has been over four years in the making. The mod features a whole new game world, main quest, side quests and 5000 lines of professionally recorded dialogue.

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ltachiUchiha3470d ago

I loved vegas. I hope there is a fallout 4. This is one of my favorite open world games this gen despite the glitches.

Reibooi3470d ago

I kinda think that Bethesda is working on Fallout 4 now and it will likely be their first title during the next gen(well first made I know some stuff they are publishing will likely come first).

I can't wait to play it personally. I'm hoping to see a decent leap in terms of all the things that were issues in most of their open world games. Number one on that list as far as I am concerned is better animations. Both full body and facial. Skyrim looked ok(can look great with mods) but the animations are still laughable. Hope that gets fixed.

Regardless though it's pretty certain the game will be fun as hell no matter what they do with it. I mean it's kinda hard to screw up what makes Fallout so fun.

ltachiUchiha3470d ago

Yup i totally agree. Just aslong as they keep it big with alot of places to explore thats all i care about. I hope we can have more companions aswell. Hope they say something at e3.

Reibooi3470d ago

I hope they say something at E3 as well. I kinda get the feeling if we don't see or at least hear about it at E3 the game might be a bit further away then we might think.

LAWSON723470d ago

I will download this later, hope it is good

MadLad3470d ago

Definitely trying this one out.
Have to love the mod scene for keeping excellent games going strong even years down the road.

GDDR6_20143470d ago

Amazing, never heard about this, thanks