E3 2013 to be Avalanche's biggest since Just Cause 1 reveal

This year's E3 will be Avalanche Studios' "biggest" since it revealed the original Just Cause back in 2005, the studio has told

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Gamesgbkiller3473d ago

I hope but they will not show it this year.

There is another game which is an open world too.

MultiConsoleGamer3473d ago

If these people give me Just Cause 3 I will declare them the winner of e3!

Anthotis3473d ago

Just Cause 3 ftw

Would be nice to see the game set somewhere a little more urban.

-Gespenst-3473d ago

What? No. Like 90% of open world games are urban. The formula they've got is good. They just need to make it more detailed or something.

xdye0173473d ago

Just Cause 3 taking advantage of ps4 and xbox one by adding multiplayer would be badass.

thinktwice3473d ago

Seriously give us just cause 3 but like take full advantage of the ps4 hardware! No half ass game! We need a next gen feel guys. And yes multiplayer would be awsome!

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