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G4MERS: "After many years of cooperation with Insomniac Games Sony there was a break. The result was a game Fuse, which today has its premiere. Fuse, formerly known as Overstrike, is the first multiplatform game developers Resistance and Ratchet & Clank. Does the project made the most hated by the players publisher - EA - will be such a success which certainly was the best part of Ratchet and Resistance?"

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yugovega2499d ago

hmm maybe insomniac isn't that great without sony's help.

Jdoki2499d ago

Or.. maybe Insomniac isn't that great with EA's 'help'.

Heavenly King2499d ago

The demo was nothing stellar, but was far from bad. It just, was not innovative at all; but it is still a solid game. I think it deserves a 7/10.

But considering most gamers hate EA, and think Insomniac changed the art-style because of them; they are too biased against the game, so these scores are expected.

from the beach2499d ago

Sounds like this game blows..

Adolph Fitler2499d ago

Insomniac have been slipping over the last few title, but the last 3 Ratchets have under delivered. They need to sell out to Sony & go back to basics & what made them so great with the PS2 Ratchet games, as well as the highlight of the series in A Crack In Time.
The only problem I can see is the fact that they went all Activision, & split there teams up & butchered there dynamics, with all this BS of releasing too many games in short turnarounds. All this yearly Ratchet & Resistance shenanigans was only bound to end in tiredness of the games.....& unfortunately Ratchet suffered in quality, while Resistance 2 & 3 suffered in sales..... Resistance really deserved better, regardless of haters, it suffered due to Insomniacs failure to garner interest in there title, both with gaming media & gamers alike, there marketing sucked, & when they refused multiple times to join the Sony family, well, understandably, Sony weren't going to go out of there way to market the game over the Killzone's, GOW's & other games, developed by THERE INHOUSE studios.

So, it really is no surprise that FUSE is getting average reviews, as the already stated, as well as the fact Insomniac changed the whole artstyle & formula of the game, 3/4's through development. I played the demo, & while it was definitely not a horrible, or crap certainly has nothing special whatsoever, to encourage me to spend my money on it.
Again also, Insomniac have no sense of timing, as they are basically going up against another cover based 3rd person shooter/action/adventure game, in The Last Of Us, not to mention several other AAA titles, including GTA5 possibly. So, they are showing signs of what made them fail with the Resistance series, in there timing of going up against heavyweights in the exact same genre, with the likes of Killzone, COD & BF.

Insomniac need to offer themselves to Sony for a wholesale price, then rebuild the awesome name they had for making wickedly good platformers, 3rd person platform shooters as well as FPS's, all donning the best, most original, innovative weapons in the business. Go home Insomniac....apologize to Sony for sticking your dick where it don't belong, & hop back into bed & be Sony's bitches, like should have happened all along. And, I mean no pun, disrespect or otherwise in my rant, just making the point that Insomniac felt so much like a part of Sony, that they really look out of place anywhere else.....& unlike the myriads of other 3rd party developers that abandoned the Sony exclusive ship, when PS3 was launching & the Tekken's, Ace Combat's, Final Fantasies, & heap of others.....Insomniac was the only one that felt wrong....I mean, the others had all either been, or still were multiplatform developers, so it was no surprise to lose these games, as they weren't Sony's to lose....but Insomniac really felt like it was.

monkey6022499d ago

It pains me to say because I love insomniac but so late in a consoles life cycle people are saving for the next step and only buying the best of current software. While this may not be a bad game it is doomed from the start

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