Xbox One: "if all you want is gaming, you'll still pick us"

OXM's Edwin writes: "My assault on our obscene repository of Xbox One transcripts continues. Here's another nugget from Microsoft Studios corporate vice-president Phil Spencer, on developer interest in the console and why all you "super core guys" who supposedly despise live TV will probably buy one anyway."

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dirigiblebill3470d ago

Statement needs more actual games in it. Further discussion = moot.

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Gazondaily3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Agreed. E3 is the the Xbox One's last chance to correct the colossal failure that was the X1 reveal.

I'm not writing them off yet but MS better have something pretty darn special to regain my confidence in them.

duli143470d ago

Don't get you expectations too high, just take it easy

Gazondaily3470d ago

Lol will do for the sake of the ventricles in my heart not imploding.

Why o why3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )


E3 may be ms's last chance for the hardcore, but not the media or casual game lovers.

Those in charge of pr need some gardening leave... real talk

Boody-Bandit3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

All I do want from a gaming console is games. BUT I want them without unnecessary requirements, restrictions and fees that MS "appear" (have to assume since they wont give direct answers to these concerns) to be implementing just to play those games on their console.

^THIS is what MS seems to either not understand or simply just doesn't give a sh*t about because they want to drain us for every cent they can get from us. It doesn't matter how many games they show off E3 if all above are in fact true. At least for me personally because I am a hardcore gamer, and as much as I hate to say this out loud, I know we hardcore gamers have become the minority interest.

So for me, as a gamer and MS fan, what I want to hear is these restrictions have been overblown or misinterpreted. If not, no game announced (not even a Killer Instinct and me being a diehard crazed fight fan) will entice me to pick up an X1. The greed this generation has worked my last nerve. I would rather stop gaming, which I have been doing for over 3 decades, than be made a mindless Muppet that pays for things no one else charges for just to enjoy my favorite past time.

Some say wait until E3. All the pressure is on MS. I honestly don't see it that way. MS has an incredible marketing and PR staff. They have done their homework and are confident in their decisions regardless of who it offends. Even if they abandon the hardcore crowd, they are betting on mainstream, casual, TV goers, sports fans and tech junkies will flock to this like crack.

This is what businesses do but it doesn't feel any less lousy when a certain segment of their user base feel abandoned and unappreciated.

DeadlyFire3470d ago

They will pull the Halo card. I can see it happening now in my head.

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SpitFireAce853470d ago

Looks like Micro$oft gets more ignorant by the minute.

brave27heart3470d ago

"If all you want is gaming you'll still pick us"

I didnt last generation, didnt this generation and wont next generation.

MysticStrummer3469d ago

"I think, coming out of this generation, being the market leader globally..."


Credibility gone.

abc12333470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

How about no?

Also, in what way are they the market leaders? They're in third place in console sales.

Bigkurz853470d ago

Because despite the sales numbers, xbots incessantly claim 360 "won" last generation by virtue of its improvement. So...since the Xbox sucked and 360 was successful/didnt get shut down early, they "won."

Foxhound9223470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Yeah that's how they do it in sports too. And basically everything else. Even if you have the most points or finish first in a race, the winner is determined by how much they improved....

Clarence3470d ago

Sorry that's not how it works. Despite 1yr head start the 360 ended up in last place thus gen. The 360 was outsold by Nintendo and Sony.

Bigkurz853470d ago

lol i hope you guys realize i was making fun of the Xbots, not supporting their claim.

Veneno3469d ago

I get you chitown. Thats the story of the xrobots this gen. EVERY SINGLE POINT they had against PS3 has completely blown in their face.

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