Happy Birthday PS3: The Ten Best Games - Part 2

PSPSPS writes:

And here's where it gets really exciting. Five down, five to go. Feel free to berate us in the comments thread for any blinders you feel we've unfairly overlooked, or even praise us for our excellent taste if you happen to agree with our choices. Looking at the ten, it's clear we've had to leave out some quality games - unlucky, Heavenly Sword; hard lines, Motorstorm - which proves that PS3 isn't as short of brilliant titles as some people would have you believe.

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TheWickedOne3952d ago

2 PSN games in the top 5 and no Heavenly Sword. Don't know about that. Even know Monsters and Everyday Shooter are two great games.

games4fun3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

i've played the launch games and 1st year games of many consoles except for the wii but i have to say that the launch titles on the ps3 was one of the better ones usually the launch titles are pretty pathetic but Ratchet/Warhawk/Resistance/ Uncharted was a good 1st year showing imo

nevelo073952d ago

is a great pick cause its a game that cant be done on 360 plus its visually superior than anything on the console market today

Breakfast3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I agree that its a great game but, how do you know it cant be done on the 360? Or are you just pulling it out of your bum because your a fanboy? I dont know what the 360 did to your family, but ill try getting it to stop.

ScentlessApprentice73952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

You sound like your a fan-you know what (rhymes with toy) that got a little butt hurt from nevelo's comment about Uncharted not being possible on the 360. I assume, like the rest of the people that make that statement similiar to nevelo's, do so on the basis that they believe what the developers and other professionals within the gaming industry have said about Uncharted, and they have all said exactly that: I could not have been done on the 360 in the current state that it is in (to work on the 360 it would probably have to be more watered down than a class of wine at sunday mass).

tony3952d ago

and its pretty good but call of duty 4 and bioshock looks better and plays better.

Breakfast3952d ago

omg again someones atacking me for no reason... trust me im no fanboy. I just cant stand when people say ignorant things in favour for there console.

I didnt say uncharted can be done on the 360, i just asked how he new that it couldnt be done. Look harder at my comments and you will see me dubunking others statements. Im not making statements coming out of my

Hopefully youll get to read this, i dont want people having a bad impression on me.

Whoooop3952d ago

hmmmm I don't know about Bioshock, but COD4 doesn't look or play better than Uncharted.

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heyheyhey3952d ago

not a BAD list, but i guess it's an opinion

mine would be different though

but yeah- the PS3 has tons of great games

pp3952d ago

Happy Birthday PS3 hahaha that's funny

doodle3952d ago

PS3 is not for MASSOCHISTs like you who enjoy playing inferior crappy games on GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME cum 2$ DVD player

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33952d ago

Funny??? Hmm ok if you say so! ;-D
Is your xFlop 360 broken??? coz your always on this!!! ;-D

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