The Top 5 Worst Console Names Of All Time

CenturyGamingUK writes:
"Gaming, for some it acts as a portal into magical worlds, a form of escapism, for others, an alternative reality in which they strive to be the best. Whatever your perspective upon gaming is, gaming itself has endured a deep, twisted road to reach the point it is at today. Throughout this period, we have seen successful consoles, failed consoles and in-between all of this, the games that drive the consoles on towards success. However, regardless of how great a console may be, their names don't always reflect the degree of grandeur each console has seen. So, grab yourself a hot drink, sit back, and enjoy the top 5 worst games console names of all time."

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iplay1up22500d ago

Oh common, I am not a fan of the name Wii U, but really? Xbox One? That should have made the list for sure. It is just as bad, if not worse than Wii U!!!!

Anthotis2500d ago Show
stage882500d ago

Xbone. Sounds archaic already.

yugovega2500d ago

this is just a list to poke fun at the wiiu. considering Atari 2600 and all the other numbers they used is just as useless. this got approved just for hits.

Wolfbiker2500d ago

Wii U is definitely a stupid name lol but i love the system.

kirbyu2500d ago

xbox 1 should be on here.

Sanquine902500d ago

Dafuq! Troll article. Im more a sony guy but i love my wii U ;) Please quiet writing

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