BC Magazine: Dynasty Warriors 6 Review

Game modes include a two-player co-operative in the musou and free modes. You even get double musou when you're close to each other. Players can't have the same officers. Players can continue in the two-player mode even when the other player leaves or takes a break, so the action keeps coming. Single players can achieve great upgrades in free mode, then reap the benefits in the musou campaign mode. Challenge modes, complete with online rankings, include sudden death (one blow ends you), speed runs, havoc (destroying environmental items), and the gauntlet where you can test your movement skills. The havoc challenge didn't really live up to its name because you can only destroy certain elements - all neatly lined up in groups for you.

When you need a break, go to base camp where you can survey the progress you've made across all of your unlocked characters, weapons, and horses. Learn about the three kingdoms and related history in the encyclopedia section. Players can also save up to 20 different games. If you've never experienced Dynasty Warriors (or even Samurai Warriors), you should definitely give this title a try. An essential Playstation 3 title for action fans.

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