Saints Row IV: Free "Commander In Chief" Edition Announced

From GamesReviews:

"What's the one thing that would make the Saints Row IV experience complete? I'm pretty sure the answer to that is in the picture above. A novelty Uncle Sam costume, a Screaming Eagle plane (the talons on which double as rocket launchers) and the 'merica gun, which is actually just a bunch of guns duct taped together with something resembling the US flag."

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Snookies123470d ago

Lol, so stupid in a good way... I'll be picking up SRIV and GTAV. Love both of these franchises.

Wenis3470d ago

To be honest I think the Saints Row series has become too stupid. I understand that SR has always been more over the top than GTA and thats fine. I think SR2 was the perfect formula for this. But SR3 was just too over the top, and I know thats what they were going for but in my opinion it was just too stupid in some places. SR4 is looking to continue this downward trend unfortunately

Snookies123470d ago

I honestly didn't care for SR3 in terms of singleplayer... Multiplayer was a blast though, it really was. I agree though, Saint's Row 2 was the best in the series.

matgrowcott3470d ago

I think they really tried to differentiate themselves from GTA. There was a time where even Saints Row 2 was called a GTA clone.

No risk of that now.

sway_z3470d ago

With the transition from this gen to next, and the anticipated Watchdogs, GTA V, I really don't see a place for this series.

I know it's silly fun, has it's fans, and it probably sells very well...I just can't get on with it. Maybe it's the really poor physics and the driving sucks!