Grand Theft Auto IV and Gran Turismo 5 Look To Redefine Virtual Racing - and Felonies

LIBERTY CITY, New York - Two of the biggest franchises in video games are looking at sequels that they hope will revolutionize the genre. Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV allows players to move about freely in a living city - and, if they choose, destroy it with automatic weapons fire. Polyphony's Gran Turismo 5 takes hyper-realistic graphics and puts the player in the driver seat of hundreds of enticing cars, which they can try out on the virtual versions of exotic racetracks from around the world.

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pp4875d ago

Gran Turismo 5 i don't think so but Grand Theft Auto IV yes

doodle4875d ago

abnormal FUCERS

GT5P makes everything on GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME look like pile of CRAP including GTA4

BTW GTA4 is also better looking on PS3

so its win win for PS3

However GT5P will overshadow GTA's launch for both PS3 and X360 in europe

GT is the biggest name in europe after FF13(FF franchise)

That GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME is now dead in USA too and will be fully dead when MGS4 is launched worldwide on JUNE 12

It will be fully over for x360 on MARCH 28th in europe

RIP 3 FIX ME ( 2005--march 28th,2008)

power of Green 4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

But I do dissagree these two titles shouldn't be up there. Race Driver Grid and APB should be.

GTA4 and GT5 are next-gen evolutions vs revolution in comparison to Grid and APB in these genres.

doodle4875d ago

You are still using your 2 accounts simultaneously to reply

OTHERS MART and POG are the same person

PLEASE COMPLAIN to THE MODS regarding his duplicate accounts

Sir Ken Kutaragi 34875d ago

Thats all im going to say!!! ;-D

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sonarus4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Looks like ps3 is about to get its perfect storm of games. GTA4,GT5, MGS4. Thats some heavy artillery. Funny how sony snatched up the perfect storm from microsoft lol

sonarus4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

@somkeymicpot yea not to psyched for gta4 myself. The game will probably be lavished with 10's and i will prob get the game. But just not so excited. It will sell loads worldwide though. Same goes for GT5, MGS4, GTA4

Torch4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

It's funny you say that; I had the exact same thought almost verbatim to your words just the other day.

More specifically, it was a reflection of an article posted here regarding how MS is relying on GTA4 to sell consoles, because they hope to closely tie perception of the 360 to the franchise.

My thought and prediction was that just the opposite is likely to happen: MS (and 360 pundits) are treating the release of GTA as if the title were mutually exclusive from all other titles.

Well, it's not...not primarily because GTA's also due for the PS3; not even as a result of the franchise's strong historical ties wit the PlayStation brand. But more so because of the avalanche of PS3-exclusive blockbusters that will be released IMMEDIATELY within the vicinity of GTA4's release date.

MS can attempt to associate GTA4 with their machine all they want...but if you were a carte blanches consumer in the market for a new console, wouldn't you want the one that can play GTA4...AND Metal Gear Solid 4...AND Prologue...AND Haze?

It's been long-argued that exclusive titles are what TRULY sell consoles.

And commencing mid-April, and for many months thereafter, I reckon we're going to be seeing one Hell of a Perfect Storm that's going to prove that theory right out of the stratosphere.

sonarus4875d ago

lol you said it better than i did.

Blademask4875d ago

That was the most eloquent response i've ever seen on N4G. I think its going to implode on itself soon.

Thanks for nothing.

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smokeymicpot4875d ago

I think GT5 will redefine racing but im not so sure about GTA4

mighty_douche4875d ago

How do you redefine driving games? You get in a car, drive round a track, GT will do it better than anyone else but they wont redefine squat.

Breakfast4875d ago

GT 5 is gonna be GT 4 with a hell of alot better graphics. If anything it'll redefine in game graphics.

CaliGamer4875d ago

You have seen GT5?? Because what they have been showing up until now is GT5P the P meaning Prolog or a separate introduction to a main work.

You sound so sure of yourself I am sure you can point me to a website that shows all the features and footage of GT5 so I can be as sure as you seem to be in my comments. Man, you must be some sort of PS3 insider because as far as I know GT5 hasn't been shown.

Let me know when you get that material together buddy.

Ovidius4875d ago

Using that logic, Halo 3 is just Halo 2 with better graphics. It didn't redefine anything. Neither will GT, I don't think you can redefine a gaming genre anymore these days. Unless you're doing some Virtual Reality crap like the big game sphere thing a few days back(N4G article.)

Breakfast4875d ago

LOL...sorry i forgot to say prologue....jeez....and if your getting mad at me for saying its not gonna be redefining, then you should also get mad at him for saying that it is redefining...hes never seen the game too.

And nowhere did i say Halo 3 redefined gaming NOWHERE.

You guyz are attacking me for no reason.

Ovidius4875d ago

But Halo 3 was always said to redefine FPS. and I was just using your logic for a major 360 game you probably enjoy. I've seen your posts, and you're a 360 fan. Not a fanboy, from what I've seen at least. I'm just saying though...

Breakfast4875d ago

Im a Halo 3 fanboy, not a 360 fanboy. Go back and read my posts and you will see all im doing is dubunking. Read other posters too though and youll see the whole picture.

Halo 1 was said to redifine fps, not halo 3.

And maybe to make it clear, GT is my favourite racing series since part 1 on ps1. And ive logged in alot of hours playing the game...especially doing those long ass races that never ended.

Most sequel dont redefine...they usually refine the gameplay though.

sonarus4875d ago

lol halo didn't redefine squat. Hardly redefined graphics from halo 2 either. GT5P isn't going to redefine anything either.

However this isn't to say we are not expecting a lot from the game. With features such as major home integration, car damage and all it will be the best in the series but i seriously doubt you can redefine the racing genre.

slowlearner4875d ago

ovidius and sonarus why don't you take your off topic argument somewhere else. Why do you guys take their opinions on GT5 not redefining squat so defensively?

BTW GT5 will not redefine virtual racing IMO. How could it? It's an online sim racer that only brings great graphics to the table. It's kinda a been there done that kind of thing. GTAIV on the other hand is bringing pedestrians, a living city, and cops into the mix. So yeah, pretty redefining.

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Maddens Raiders4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

is poised to explode. All of the old familiar faces of PlayStation are starting to stroll back into our hearts and minds. 3 of the biggest franchises to ever grace the PlayStation are *about to kick it all off for what looks to be a prelude of gaming magnificence in '08. Let the Games Begin!!!! WOW

cmrbe4875d ago

forget FF and GOW. Those games are just as big to the PS fanbase and to think that these will be just the icing on the cake as we will get other very promising IPs like KZ2,LBP,Infamous,8days, Heavy rain,Aferika, R2, MS2 and of course the new ICO game. These games that i listed could very well change the way we view and play games for years to come. 2008 is only the begining. Man, Its seriously great to be a PS gamer.

slowlearner4875d ago

really, why can't you guys just IM each other about non thread related garbage?

niall774875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

thry should sell more systems them some downloadable missions that will be released in 6 months


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