Call of Duty Ghosts Facial Animation Comparison: GDC 2013 vs. Xbox One Reveal Event

"When Call of Duty: Ghosts was showcased for the very first time at the Xbox Reveal event on May 21st, it gave semblance to the phrase “and the crowd goes mild”. However, Infinity Ward promised it would be debuted a new graphics engine with new atmosphere smoke, increased environmental effects and improved animations that play into the game to allow you to seamlessly leap over obstacles and slide into cover."

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2505d ago Replies(2)
andibandit2505d ago

Who cares about facial animation when you've got A Dog

sway_z2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Agreed COD engine is just a milker, but peeps will still sell granpa to buy it.

Anyway, it's a silly comparison since the XBone footage did not even show facial animation.

Me, myself and most friends on my PSN list will be 'strictly' playing BF4 next gen...and will consider a COD game when Activision starts to innovate, if ever.

CODallday2504d ago

Okay? Go Ahead and play BF instead of whining about what other people play.

r212505d ago

That GDC footage, wasnt it from, I guess, Bungie and their engine? No way was that CoD's upgraded engine.

Shadonic2505d ago

Ill still need to judge the faces In game. It still doesn't look that great to me, yea the texture quality is great but it looks just like a normal head we can get this gen.

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