Fuse - First 15 Minutes of Game

Check out first fifteen minutes from new Insomniac Gemas game - Fuse.

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Shane Kim2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

This is what happens when the full power of the PS3 isn't utilized. From Triple A PS3 exclusives to this lackluster, mediocre, downright ugly game thanks to this being multiplat. Only the 360 is capable of deliviring sh!t experience and sadly, it doens't look like that will end with the xflopOne.

Utalkin2me2496d ago

SMH.....where is the Insomniac of old....i still have faith

JoGam2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Me too. But the game doesn't look too bad. I wouldn't pay full price though. Since im a PS Plus member I'll try it for 1hour with Plus trials. If it gets interesting I'll get it when the price drops. I'll support the company.

Utalkin2me2496d ago

I've already played the demo and i was disappointed.....=(. Doesn't mean you won't like it though.

Deeloc2496d ago

that's what they get when you go to EA.insomniac should've stayed with would've giving them more years to develop the game...this game is garbage

MilkMan2496d ago

Damn shame this game turned out the way it did. For real. :(

moodgamer2496d ago

The first idea, Overstrike, could be way better than this. Like everybody that knows and love Insomniac Games, I'm hoping that they comeback to Sony, or at least have the oportunity to do what the hell they want to do. Not another generic 3rd person shooter.

SOULJER2496d ago

Hey what's the deal with that silly @SS looking cover. where's their heads. The cover art tells the whole story.

El_Assenso2496d ago

I am a huge fan of Insomniac Games. These guys produced masterpieces like Spyro 1-3, one of the best adventure games ever made. Then going onto make Jak and Daxter, sensational. And then Resistance. All awesome games.

But game..Fuse takes the biscut for being the most generic looking, game I have seen.It looks awful, gameplay wise and grpahics wise. As a game developer myself I expected more from a great game developer, not this rubbish.

Well Insomniac wanted more independance, so they went with EA lol! EA are just as bad as Activision. Should have stayed with Sony, as an independant company making games for them, as they would give you full creative freedom to make the game YOU the developers want to make.

PR_FROM_OHIO2496d ago

Jak and Daxter was created by Naughty Dog not Insomniac!

El_Assenso2496d ago

My bad got a bit too excited waxing lyrical about Insomniac! Should have said Ratchet and Clank how on earth did that evade my mind hehe!

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