Kinect the Dots: Piecing Together Xbox One

Tarek Robinson, Thunderbolt writes: So just like that the transient names are gone; Xbox 720, Durango and Infinity have all been replaced with the equally strange Xbox One. It’s always a relief at this point in the whole silly charade of console announcements to finally see what we’re in for and get at least a semblance of how this three horse race will once again play out. Yet, despite all of the rumours that have surrounded Microsoft’s new console over the past few months, seeing some of the more serious facts barely solidify in Tuesday’s announcement was, more than anything, deeply worrying. This wasn’t so much because of the content of the presentation; anyone who’s been following Microsoft’s last few E3 showings is all too aware of their obsession with Kinect and focus on multimedia functions. Thus, while the presentation was exceptionally bad at convincing us that the console was in any way good for playing games, such developments seem to be par for the course by now.

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