My Virtual Boyfriend: Now with real life infatuations

My Virtual Boyfriend receives an update that lets players use any photo of choice from their camera roll, bringing true customization to their virtual boyfriend’s face.

How would you feel if someone uses a photo of you in a dating sim?

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PandaMcBearface2501d ago

Well, this is basically how I test every potential relationship except I use the Sims, so I'm ok with this.

HanCilliers2501d ago

This is really odd, games just keep on getting weirder :S

HanCilliers2501d ago

I don't know what to say. If someone pervs on a photo of me, also means person used it without consent (not you Stef, you may(. I will be mightily upset. Also, how about lawsuits here? Could people be sued if they used photos without consent?

PandaMcBearface2501d ago

That's what I was wondering. I would be pretty creeped out to find out someone had been keeping me as some sort of weird Tamagotchi pet without my knowledge :/