PS4 takes top spot on Amazon – Pre-order for EUR 599,00

PS4 takes the top spot on's Bestseller in Games. You can pre-order it here. The €599 ($772) price tag is most likely just a place-holder though, the same exact price that Xbox One was given a few days ago.

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Makasu2498d ago

I'm guessing budget model $399 - hardcore model with bells and whistles $499.

sengoku2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

399,- Euro seems possible in dollars would be stretching it tough.

499,- for full blown edition would be cool but i'll probably opt for cheaper one and add in a SSD at later date to really make the system fly..

i'm hopping that replacing hard drives is still possible on ps4 as is with ps3..

aCasualGamer2498d ago

They'll go for $499. I'll even bet my left nut on it.

They've already said they're not going to announce a $599 pricepoint. They won't announce $399 either since that 8GB GDDR5 and all that custom tech doesn't come cheap.

It's a safe bet that they'll announce a $499 price for PS4 this E3.

It's not too expensive. People will buy it.

sengoku2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

499,- dollars would be 386.55 euro.
so whats your point?
lolz that's exactly what i'm saying
it's going to be killer at that price point for sure!

thechosenone2497d ago

competitively priced, world wide release, a ton of games ready to go on day one. this will not be a repeat of 2006.

37 games announced so far for PS4 for launch and we're still not done yet, we'll see more at E3!! :D

ShabbaRanks2497d ago

Lol I was also thinking of putting an SSD in my PS4 x)

But if they do make a low model and a full model it will all come to down to the small extras. If theirs more USB ports on the pricey one then I won’t have a choice. I really hate having only 2 USB ports on my PS3 slimer.

The HDD it comes with won’t really affect my decision due to my SSD craving lol. Just not sure what size of HDD ill get yet. I may install my games just to boast loading times. The PS4 will have a 6x BluRay witch is enough, but maybe not enough.

FU**KING 12DAYS TILL E3 lolll cant WAIT

aCasualGamer2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )


If it's priced at $499 in North-America it's going to be priced at €499 here in Europe.

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abzdine2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

That price isn't right. I'll pre-order mine on June 11th cause I want a bundle with a game not just the console and they're gonna announce all their bundles at their press conference

fermcr2498d ago

"PS4 takes top spot on Amazon – Pre-order for EUR 599,00"

599€, way to expensive for me. I'll wait till 350-400€ if i decide to get a PS4.

asmith23062498d ago

It still baffles me how people will pay over €600 for a phone but think that price is way to expensive for a console. I bought my PS3 day one for over €600. I have used it nearly everyday since then. Probably the best investment I have made in a long time in terms of how much I use it vs cost.

MoonConquistador2498d ago

@asmith - I feel the exact same way, for what I got with my PS 3 out of the box, I've never felt short changed by the console.

But for true market adoption, its not consumers like me and you they are trying to capture as fermcr points out. They're are still some who feel that's way too much for a games console.

For all the people who don't read N4G or other gaming websites, they wont know the panning the X-Box One has been taking. So if that comes in at £100 less, with COD timed exclusivity, the PS 4 still has some work to do.I'm sold though.

Why Sony don't offer the pre order themselves and cash in on some of the people willing to spend just now i'll never know

fermcr2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I would never give 600€ for a smartphone, unless i was rich. My smartphone cost 149€. Has android and does everything the most expensive ones do, just a bit slower :)

Just like i would never give 600€ for a console.

TechnicianTed2498d ago

'It still baffles me how people will pay over €600 for a phone but think that price is way to expensive for a console.'

The price is too expensive for a phone or a console. If you think the ps3 was worth €600 that's fine.

Personally I thought it was a rip off and waited until I could get one cheaper, which I did do. I got my ps3, my old 80gb phat, for under £150 a couple of years later. Was probably the best decision seeing as the ps3 didn't get any decent games until a couple of years after anyway.

€600? That's a joke of a price.

andibandit2498d ago


Those people arent many, and alot of those phones are sold with a subscription which makes the price of the phone lower, tho maybe not in the long run when you factor in sunscript cost. But it's easier for people to grasp, rather than having to pull up 600€ here and now.

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lilbrat232497d ago

It sucks we can't pre-order in NA Amazon. Now I can't wait to E3 to see what it the two bundles (if we get it)comes with.

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SnakeCQC2498d ago

not bad im going for it

Snookies122498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Well... Yeah. It's EU lol. That's PS territory there.

sway_z2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

So what is Xbox territory...Just N. America??

'Cos if that's true, N. America alone is not enough. MS needs all territories to get behind their platform.

Granted, Japan is lost to MS, but don't assume consumers in the EU only support the PS brand.

Here in the UK, Xbox 360 is/was leading PS3 in sales. I believe it's only in the last 12-18 months PS3 has began dominating, and that's because Sony have been more consistent.


Yup, I read what you said properly this time..I hate when peeps put words in my mouth on here too, so apologies and my bad Snookies12....are you interested in XB1 or PS4 or neither at this point?

Snookies122498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I didn't say EU people only supported PS, I'm saying that's the PlayStation's biggest territory. :]

Essentially yes, Xbox has N. America. That's pretty much all they seem to focus on.

EDIT: It's okay, no worries! Honestly, I didn't care for Microsoft's reveal. So, I'll be waiting for E3 to give them another chance before considering anything. I'm worried they're not as focused on games as they should be. Which is why I want to wait and see. (Although I'm hoping for a 360 price cut, as I'd like to pick another one up soon.)

As for Sony, I really liked what they had to show and tell at their reveal. It gave some good insight as to what to expect with the PS4. So, I'm leaning that route for sure. I just once again, want to wait for E3 to place a pre-order on anything. We'll see how it goes. :]

nukeitall2498d ago

Xbox/MS has North America and UK, albeit Sony/PS isn't weak in those territories. It's MS sell almost twice as much.

In rest of Europe, Sony has very strong brand power combined that with Japan which MS is non-existant.

That is why the numbers are very even overall. What is interesting is that Nintendo typically is strong in all regions.

rainslacker2498d ago

Ya know...with all the negativity towards MS right now, it wouldn't be a bad idea for Sony to officially open up pre-orders. But I guess then they'd have to give a price, and that would probably be a bad idea before E3.

OrangePowerz2498d ago

In the UK and Ireland you can preorder at GameStop already since February.

Neo-Axl2498d ago

In the UK, Asda, Tesco, Game, all are taking pre-orders as well.

MoonConquistador2498d ago

Yeah but why aren't Sony doing this themselves. Don't stop Gamestop from doing their own pre order system, but surely there's money to be made from a couple of million fans wanting to stick £10 down as a pre order. The interest on it alone would be worth doing.

If it wasn't worth doing financially, do you think Gamestop would still do it?

monkey6022498d ago

Xtra vision have been taking orders on both the next gen consoles since January. A friend of mine here says he has ordered his ps4 from the Sony website too

rainslacker2497d ago

Yeah, here in the US GameStop doesn't take pre-orders until they have an official price on console hardware. At least that's what I've been told.

I think I was talking more about announcing retailers could do it now officially, just to get people locked in.

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PlayStation_42498d ago

In the UK you can pre-order it for a deposit of £20. They should have done something like that worldwide since feb 20th

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