Brand new screenshot from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 screenshot.

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vishmarx3473d ago

love the artstyle of these games

showtimefolks3473d ago

I can't believe how under the radars his game has been, hopefully after E3 we will know a lot of info and the release date

In a way I am glad konami didn't rush the sequel, first one had a lot of potential and fell shrt in some areas hopefully that will be fixed now

One of my most awaited games of this year

Jinryo3473d ago

Imo C:Los > GoW. Can't wait for 6 june to see something new from Lords of Shadow 2.

zlpw0ker3473d ago

ye,I agree aswell,cvlos owns gow by so much.

sexbobomb913473d ago

Yeah, I thought that as well but then I played the HD remasters. Boy, was I wrong...

vishmarx3473d ago

gow just feels stale now...story is unidimensional aand largely backstaged kratos is one of the worst video game characters ever hardly any depth except in maybe that psp game....
whereas this can even actually sympathise with gabriel given how he was set up to do all the dirty work

PrinceOfAnger3473d ago

I agree and I have played all gow games..

MWH3473d ago

I can't second enough. I've been saying the same for quite a while.

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XXXL3473d ago

Read that they are doing away with the fixed camera this time around. Really the only bad thing about the first one...

XXXL3473d ago

Glad they're doing away with the fixed camera. That was a major complaint and hindurance in the first game. Other than that I enjoyed it. Personally I hope the sequel is a little less linear too.

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