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OXM: "From its unspectacular graphics to its utterly predictable, objective-based spin on Horde mode’s wave-based skirmishes, Fuse never fully comes together. Thankfully, the eight-hour campaign does pick up some steam along the way, as different characters eventually gain access to bonus powers like cloaking, remotely triggered incendiary ammunition, and temporary invulnerability. Setting guys on fire while singularities blink into existence and crystallized thugs disintegrate is certainly good for some laughs.

But even as such rewards threaten to inject replayability, you’ll still have to contend with pace-sapping Prince of Persia–style climbing interludes, simplistic disable-the-lasers tedium, and unskippable exposition. You may play through to the unsatisfying cliffhanger conclusion, but you won’t feel any need to come back."

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