Top Tuesday: 5 great android games for 2013

With all the drama surrounding the second-hand games policy and always-online requirements maybe a game console isn't for you anymore. Luckily, your Android phone makes a good alternative.

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PandaMcBearface2507d ago

Android games are actually terrifyingly sophisticated D:
I think I'd play Royal Revolt because I've got to learn to strategy as I've been told I'm going to play DoTA2.

HanCilliers2507d ago

I think that mobile gaming is going to surprise us 'hardcore' gamers. It's going to become a serious contender for gamer attention.

Choc_Salties2507d ago

Good read - I've been curious about mobile gaming for a while, but didn't really look into it beyond the obvious ones, mainly due to the fact that my previous handset wasn't really powerful enough to run them. Now with my new phone, I'm really curious to as to how far i can push the device.

plut0nash2507d ago

Carmageddon was re-released also :) That was a nice trip back on memory lane.

Choc_Salties2507d ago

Just went and bought that - and then i discovered ScummVM has been ported to Droid! Now i can load all my old Sierra games onto my phone! I both love and hate this new phone!

GabeSA2507d ago

Android is definitely the way to go. I do worry that we are spending too much time on gaming - nah...not really.