Predicting Sony’s E3 2013 conference

Gimme Gimme Games talks about what they think will happen when Sony takes the stage at E3 on June 10th.

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xhi42498d ago

Haha that is amazing! bubbles.

MultiConsoleGamer2498d ago

This is going to be the one to watch!

xflo3602498d ago

My predictions....
Console will be shown with a price and release date
Uncharted 4 - Will probably be left till the end of the show
Infamous ps4 gameplay
The Last Guardian - PS4 & PS3 trailer
Minecraft for PS4, PS3 and Vita
Gran Turismo 5 demod and on show floor

Price drop on console and memory cards
Infamous Vita revealed
Syphon Filter Vita from Sony Bend
Resi Evil Vita trailer
Gran Turismo Vita

And finaly, A massive suprise announcement from either Squeenix or Level 5 or both!!

sherimae24132497d ago

i admit i love your predictions ^_^

One4U2497d ago

uncharted 4 - gameplay at end
infamous ss - gameplay
killzone shadow fall - more gameplay
driveclub - gameplay
GT6 - gameplay
last guardian - gameplay
ratchet and clank - teaser trailer
Indie stuff
Jak 4 - teaser trailer
Knack - gameplay
santa monicas new ip teaser

Sevir2497d ago

Last of Us multiplayer demo'd

Sony Announces Deep Down is exclusive to the PS4 at least for a year,

EA Demo's Battlefield 4 on PS4

Driveclub and Knack get new trailers

Sony Drops the Price of the PS3

Sony announces that in addition to the 4 PS4 exclusives announced at the PS4 conference in Feb, they have an additional 16 PS4 exclusives in Development launching within the first year of the PS4's release in an effort to counteract MS's announcement at the Xbox One's lack luster event.

We'll likely get the cost of Software detailed as well as launch line up across the PSN and the retail space, and we'll find out if the console comes in multiple SKUs or not.

And for me that spells epic E3 for Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.