Building Sony monsters, one polygon at a time

Kotaku takes a look at Bryan Wynia's work, who recently worked on God of War: Ascension as a senior concept artist.

Prior to that, he was a character artist at Naughty Dog, and contributed to the look of both Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3.

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ltachiUchiha3482d ago

Awesome work. Cant believe Naughty Dog has Nate Wells as their lead artist. They just getting better & better as a studio.

pedrof933481d ago

Well they're known for Crash Bandicot, Jak and Daxter and Uncharted. I just hope they could do a new Jak game intead of a Uncharted, or Im I already too late ?

isarai3481d ago

too late, they sold off the IP and now it has made its way to activision

Skate-AK3481d ago

What? Naughty Dog never sold the rights to Jak. I think you're confused.

isarai3481d ago

i was talking about ccrash

Skate-AK3481d ago

No, you aren't too late. I'm sure there will be a new one. Read my link. It will have all the information you need.