Developers On The Next-Generation Nature Of Wii U And Its Potential [Updated]

The debate on whether Wii U is a next-generation system or not continues to go on. Some would agree and others wouldn’t, but what do developers think? In the past, we have actually gotten some developer takes on this topic, but here is a more recent discussion from developers complied into one article.

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BullyMangler2506d ago

wiiU is no next gen?

wiiU no more with spLit-screen + Retros new graphical engine + unique must have wiiU game-pad features & advantages = murder, not martyr hohh

Utalkin2me2506d ago

It is Nintendo's next generation console. There is alot of potential there for some great gaming. They just need to start putting out some games.

gamer422506d ago

These devs claim that the wiiu is powerful, but some others don't. Which is it?

DivineAssault 2506d ago

I think the wii u is powerful but it will take some effort to bring it out.. If the devs dont give it their all, it wont shine.. Like PS3 was but i dont think its as tough.. Im sure glad sony actually went from dev to dev asking how to make it as easy as possible & what would be best in a controller.. The system is looking to be great so far.. Nintendo will know how to juice to wii u in due time but idk if 3rd party will even try... Even if the devs do so, publishers might not risk putting it out & it not selling.. We will have to see come E3 if wii u has any good 3rd party games coming for the nx yr or so..

BABYLEG2506d ago

The WiiU will take some time to get rolling but I do believe it will be a successful system for Nintendo franchises. Last N system I owned was the gamecube.. I do plan on buying a U maybe a year or two after I pick up the One

mudmax2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Wii U has 23 times more ram than Wii. Just saying.

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The story is too old to be commented.