Preview: 10 reasons Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn deserves a second chance | CVG

CVG: "Good grief, Final Fantasy XIV was dreadful. Released back in 2010 on the PC only, it was an embarrassment, not only to the MMO genre, but to video games in general. Featuring terrible lag, unnecessarily complicated menus, and bland, empty landscapes, it was fundamentally broken. Three years, millions of dollars and a rehauled dev team later, and it's a completely different story. In fact, the current version of FFXIV is so different, Square Enix has aptly renamed it 'A Realm Reborn', and, having had hands-on at a recent event, we can confirm that this really is the case."

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Snookies122508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

*ahem* Just getting slightly technical here... The title of this article should be "10 reasons Final Fantasy XIV deserves a second chance with 'A Realm Reborn'".

Simply because A Realm Reborn hasn't had a chance to come out yet. People played FFXIV, not Reborn first. Lol, sorry that was lame... -_-

Anyway... I'm quite interested for some reason. I never wanted to play this game before, but man that opening cinematic blew me away. It's probably the best thing I've seen from SE since they became SE (At least in terms of Final Fantasy).

Lavalamp2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

If I were the author of this piece, I'd have written the title as something like: "10 reasons why 'A Realm Reborn' is the second chance Final Fantasy (and You!) deserve".

Aside from the Guild Wars series, I'm not much of an MMO gamer, but for some reason this game has been really exciting me. I've got nothing but the utmost respect for Yoshida. I can't help but admire his sense of organization. The guy knows how to maintain a constant level of dialogue with the public and he certainly seems to be getting the game back on track. Nomura may have creative talent, but Yoshida's got the production and leadership skills which Square Enix could do with emulating across the board.

Kamikaze1352508d ago

Game looks great so far. Can't wait to see what SE shows at E3.

Veneno2508d ago

This game is subscription right? If so, no thanks.

helghast1022508d ago

Bye bye, thanks for making the game better with your absence.

Veneno2508d ago

With Squares name going into the gutter in regards to FF looks like you'll be playing all by yourself lol. Have fun :+)

helghast1022508d ago

If people bought games based on the company's reputation alone, then EA would be dead by now.

zeal0us2508d ago

Yep, SE won't go the F2P route or the B2P route. Development cost is partly to blame. F2P and B2P even with cash shop wouldn't make them enough money to cover the cost.

While SE reputation has become somewhat tainted its nowhere near the gutter like EA is.

Shad0wRunner2508d ago

The Final Fantasy franchise is the best-selling among Square-enix, with a total worldwide sales of over 100 million units as of June 2011....and that was only 2 years ago.

You tell me how Square's name is going in the gutter, or anywhere NEAR the gutter in regards to the FF franchise!

If youre gonna be a hater, at least be an intelligent one.

Veneno2508d ago

Have you been reading the news at all recently? Square themselves have said their games aren't selling well enough. Tomb Raider sold below expectations. They even said themselves FF14 PC version was garbage which is why there was no simultaneous release with pS3 version. It's all online. Don't be lazy and keep up with the times.

Shad0wRunner2507d ago

Keep it on topic, Veneno. You said "In regards to FF" and we all know FFXIV sucked. Thats why Square-Enix went back and remade it and retitled it as: A Realm Reborn. Which is shaping up to be 1,000 times better than the first one.

Just because a few titles dont sell very well, doesnt make the company as a whole, a bad one. If you go by that example...just about every Dev out there would SUCK, by your opinion. Cuz they ALL have at least a few games that dont sell very well.

Your arguement falls short of any valid claims.

bbad2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Is that nick cage in the photo above ?