What Can Microsoft Do To Make You Want The Xbox One?

They've alienated a lot of gamers over the past week. So, what can Microsoft do to reclaim lost interest? Or have they too thoroughly burned the bridge?

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harkki862497d ago

Nothing. they've shown their true colors and instead of owning up to it they keep backpedaling and saying 'we did not really say that about used games'.

i have enough self control to say 'no' to a game or console. people should stop being drones and actually stand up for their consumer rights. if you cant do that for something silly like a videogame system, then you wont do it when it really matters, and that's sad.

NewEra72497d ago

My thoughts exactly, down to the T.

LOGICWINS2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I typically like to compare Sony and Microsoft to Democrats and Republicans. Essentially, both want the same thing..dominance at all costs. Yet, Republicans are more overt about they're intentions. Democrats are more covert. If Microsoft is the wolf, then Sony is the wolf in sheep's clothing.

The point is, given the opportunity, both of these companies would take advantage of consumers given the opportunity.

Sony is the criminal mastermind and Microsoft is Team Rocket. Neither of them are good guys, but Sony is better at impersonating the good guy.

LOGICWINS2497d ago

Apologize for the typing repetitions. Im doing this on my phone lol.

harkki862497d ago

why is it an either-or between sony and microsoft? my only console for 8th gen will probably be wii-u and ill spend the rest of my money on 3ds and pc (and probably a vita when tearaway comes out).

LOGICWINS2497d ago

Nintendo hasnt demonstrated that they want the Wii U to have any kind of mainstream success...or ANY success for that matter. So for now, the Wii U is hardly worth mentioning.

PopRocks3592497d ago

After reading all of this I have a real problem accepting your username.

thechosenone2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

MS has had months of bad press and all the info since Feb has turned out to be true so what can MS do at this point do to make people want an xBone? lmao Are you faking kidding me?

(Yeah the repubs are so open and transparent they have nothing to hide. lol

Say it with me.... Thanks Obama!
"The budget deficit is shrinking fast - the CBO estimates it will shrink to 4% of GDP in this fiscal year and 2.1% by 2015." )

LOGICWINS2497d ago

Thank Obama for outsourcing torture, allowing Americans to be droned, and signing the NDAA..yeah no.

Btw, what does Obama have to do with any of this?

SolidStoner2497d ago

I really dont care if sony are good or bad... and it dosnt matter.. what really matters is how they work with consumers, if they make us happy, they are good guys, if they let us down, we will rage and they will be bad guys, simple as that... I cant call them bad, they dont do murders or robing someone (all money they earned, people are giving it with no force used).

but instead "Team Rocket" charges you for everything they can, big time..

whoyouwit042497d ago

Well said bro, but the thing is Microsoft fans have excepted the fact that they may block used games. However, Sony fans are still in denial. It's really stupid for them to continue to say that they wont block used games when they have the tech patent, two Geoff Keighley has said that he has sources telling him sony have a plan for used games, and three sony them selves said that blocking used games are up to 3rd parties. These fools really believe that if microsoft block used games Sony will be the hero and allow used games. A lot of them are saying that well at least sony isn't forcing it on you, Get the fack out of here. They made it known that they have the tech built into there console to allow blocking of used games, and is leaving it up to the developers; which means 98% of them will use it. Yet their brainwashed fan boys are giving them a free pass.

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SavageKuma2497d ago

Give it to me for free! But seriously subtract all the entertainment crap and bring it back to being a game system.

LOGICWINS2497d ago

Im curious. What consoles are you playing on now? The Wii, Wii U, PS3, Vita, and 360 all have entertainment features that extend beyond gaming. So if what you say is true, you've skipped this entire gen.

SavageKuma2497d ago

Wii U Keeps it as a game console. You play games on it, you can't play blu-rays. Nintendo keeps it simple for the gamer. Same with the regular Wii. So far Nintendo at least sticks to the gaming style. Hell even reviewers were making jokes about the X One only having a short segment about their games. So you tell me whats more important to you when it comes to a console?

LOGICWINS2497d ago

If Im spending $400 on a console I want it to fulfill most, if not, all of my media entertainment needs, whether it be gaming or video streaming. I want it all. Yesterday I spent the whole day playing Fifa and Sleeping Dogs and today I spent watching Continuum on Netflix(Great show). To answer your question, EVERYTHING is important to me.

SavageKuma2497d ago

Good for you then *thumbs up*. I will stick to my gaming and wait for more information about gaming. They can keep the web browsers, the search engines and all that crap that hardly works, especially the smartglass. I will enjoy what really matters. The gaming.

HurtfulTimez2497d ago

yes but the games playing element came first with current consoles - yes i use my ps3 for music and films but only the music and films I have uploaded onto the console and also netflix. I DO NOT use my ps3 for the sole purpose of watching tv that is a secondary bonus if i want to watch tv guess what i do i turn the console OFF and my tv ON

No need for xbox1.

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NewZealander2497d ago

did nobody actually watch the presentation?? you know it was to show off NEW FEATURES right? also amazes me how nobody seems to have heard the part where they announced 15 exclusive GAMES in the first twelve months? or how we would see more on the games at E3?


HurtfulTimez2497d ago

yes alot of people watched the presentation and did probably miss the 5 minutes where they spoke about games because they got bored of listening to adverts for a tv set top box.

it was a GAMES console reveal TV and all the other gimmicks should of came last.

they should of spoke about hardware, software and squashed any rumours but they didnt.

Jdoki2497d ago

Yes, the 15 exclusives, 8 of which are new IP was possibly great news.

The reason I think people are glossing over that news is because it was so vague...

MS presented a TV box. They focused on Kinect 2. They made a cursory nod to Forza. We know they lack AAA 1st party studios.

Take all that in to account and at the moment there's no reason to get excited by that news.

For me, I also need to throw in that the launch of the 360 was fantastically supported, but then support tailed off around 2009 in favour of services and Kinect. MS lost my trust.

E3 will be interesting. I am looking forward to it - but MS have a hill to climb to convert me back to XBox.

Black-Helghast2497d ago

There's a lot of things they could do to make me want an Xbox One. Problem is I'm 100% they wouldn't do a single one of those things. How can there still be Xbox fans after this? If it was Sony who made a conference like MS did, I would've given up on PS4 instead. I'm not a fanboy of a console or a company.. I'm a fanboy of GOOD GAMES. Games that make you stand up your seat and be like OMFG did that just happen? That's why this gen I chose PS3 over Xbox and next gen looks like I'm going with PS4. "JUST WA8 4 E3 CUZ TEHY GON' SHOW GAEMZ zOMG" Who gives a crap? First impressions are very important in life, even in gaming. When your first impression of someone is bad, do you want to be around that person? And hug him? Hell no. June 10 can't some soon enough, after that there'll be no excuses left for the xbox fans to talk sh*t about. (If XboxOne does go wrong, but for me it doesn't matter because there's no fixing to why I don't want an XboxOne so I'll still avoid it.)

GraveLord2497d ago

Not implemenet DRM and other anti-consumer practices such a Kinect required to even use the console.

NewZealander2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

i have zero problem with kinect being always on, its the way things are going, all our modern devices are designed to be always connected, smart phones tablets even TV,s, people need to either deal with it or go without, however i agree they need the option to use a standard controller. the DRM is a real pain though, i hope they seriously reconsider what they are doing, or at least front up and tell people exactly what the plan is.

but you can bet MS are in serious damage control, they will have to change their strategy if they want to keep support.

ACESupERIC2497d ago

I don't have a problem with kinect either. But I do have a problem with it being mandatory always on always listening possibly spying. Plus its a part of the software ingrained into the box. How long do you think it'll take before someone figures out how to hack it? Not to mention MS can access it if they choose to. They've already proven they can't be trusted by spying on skype conversations. The drm isn't such a big deal for me as I have pretty reliable internet service but a lot of people don't. MS seems not to care about those people at all. Plus with the 360 not being required to be online I have the choice not to pay for live and I can still use my console for offline gaming. Now you will be forced to pay for live just to use it whether you game online or not. The used game fee maybe? Maybe not? No thanks MS. Peace

Galacticos2497d ago

Make it transformable to a PS4.

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