Gamasutra: Sounds Of The Snow

In this article, Finnish game sound designer Tapio Liukkonen (Broken Alliance) writes passionately about the need for authentic winter sound recording in games. While Gamasutra're on the cusp of spring in North America, Western Europe and Asia, it's a good exercise to stop and think about how sound recording could be accomplished in games -- with field recording an invigorating technique.

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ElementX3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Wow, love those hot euro boys...

But back on track, I live where we get snow (Minnesota) and I traipse out in the woods and there's really not much blowing wind sound like you get in video games during winter levels. It's more silent than anything.

On the other hand, I don't live in a mountainous region, so maybe that has something to do with it. One thing you don't hear, though, is the squeak that snow makes when you walk on it and it gets compressed.

LinuxGuru3864d ago

The art of sound design is steadily gaining more attention and appreciation....people are upgrading to surround sound systems with pure digital 24-bit output...

Everyone is finally realizing that sound really can make or break a game.

For me, Half-life 2 was the first game to really get it right; a fantastic aural experience.

LinuxGuru3864d ago

On the topic of's definitely a surface that has many different sounds.

There's the dull thudding of walking on ice...

The snow crunches if it was a heavy snow or there is high humidity and it goes below freezing temps.

There's the piff-paff sound of running through snow.

If it's really dense snow, it's more of a puff-puff sound as you trudge through it.

There's also, of course, the sound that's strangely akin to grinding your teeth: the compression of the snow as you walk on it.

Even though I've been in Southern California for 6 years, After my 10-year stay in Chicago, I'll always remember the sounds of snow.