CVG: Ready to rumble: Hands-On with Xbox One's impressive controller

Beyond the bafflingly mixed messaging and emphatically divided reaction to the press conference, there were positives to take from the way Microsoft decided to unveil the Xbox One, and specifically, where it decided to do it.

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Condemnedman2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Epic can't wait

Glad they didn't add unnecessary rubbish and just improved on the best controller around B-)

wantonGamer2503d ago

Unfortunately they added the unnecessary rubbish to the console instead.

PeaSFor2502d ago

meh, i always turn off the vibration anyway.

stage882503d ago

I see that was a jab at the dualshock 4.
It didn't work.

The dualshock 4 is actually innovative whereas the xbone controller is practically the same controller as it was and it still uses batteries. It's not 2005 anymore Microsoft.

mcstorm2503d ago

It all depends on how you look at it. Sony have had the same style controller since 94 and have updated it. The xbox one is the same as the Original xbox s controller but with little changes.

For me I have never liked the ps controller as my hands are quite big and I get cramp when using it for a long time but I do like the look of the new DS4 as it looks a bit bigger then the DS3.

Ju2502d ago

DS4 feels different than DS3. Subtle changes in shape, weight and surface material.

I like MS's idea with the rumble on the buttons. Not sure how this is gonna feel, but it's a new idea.

So we got rumble vs. touch and ambient light. Both will be unique on their own.

Condemnedman2502d ago

I didn't mention the ps4 controller. I said they didn't add any unnecessary rubbish. Are you paranoid? Your the one throwing names around kinda childish way to behave so it must have worked because you reacted in a childish way. Wow xbone name is really good. Well done all the trolls :-P

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Rusty5152503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

nice looking controller. I bet it feels comfortable in your hands too...Shame it's for such a shitty console that I'll never buy.

NameRemoved00172503d ago

It should work on PC just fine.

PopRocks3592503d ago

After the proper drivers come out.

True_Samurai2502d ago

Same way I feel about the other console but I really just don't give a fuck about their controller. I love opinions :-)

PigPen2503d ago

I not going to take no one word for it, I need to try it. Microsoft has the best controller of current generation, and I no Xbox One controller is good. Would it be better than the X360 controller is anyone quess. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

The_Blue2503d ago

One of the perks, XBOX does have that grown man controller.

BrianC62342503d ago

The PS4's controller is better. I don't really see anything impressive about the Xbox One's controller. Pretty much the same old thing as the 360 controller.

KonGreat2503d ago

Great to know, now go away we're not here to talk about the PS4 controller. If you now dislike the X1 controller and love the PS4 controller so much why are you here? did you even read the article?

nirwanda2503d ago

To me this is the only thing that they have done right, they have increased the sensitivity of the analogue sticks and made a multi directional rumble.

TheSurg2503d ago

much more comfortable stick layout, best triggers out there, very durable (I'm still using ones from 2006 and they're perfectly fine) and they don't feel like you're holding a very fragile toy in your hands unlike some other controllers.

RiPPn2503d ago

I think both the PS4 and XO controllers look pretty nice, and even this generation I liked and used both.

I think the batteries argument is lame because a couple eneloops last a long time, and a simple changing of the batteries and I'm still going. With the PS3 I have to own 2 controllers so one is charging while one is being used.

Condemnedman2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I when did you try them both then?
Nice to have an expert here :-\
@ brianc6234

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