Is Australia Paying Too Much for Nintendo Virtual Console Games?

Brad Long at writes: "Nintendo have recently put forth its Virtual Console service for the Wii U, and despite many of its robust features compared to other 'official' emulators and its cheapness when compared to finding physical copies of these older games, many have voiced the opinion that these classics are too expensive.

To clarify the point of this opinion piece, I leave your opinions as your opinions. If you still think Virtual Console games are too expensive, that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it. The purpose in me writing this is to hopefully inform you that there may be more to the situation that what you may currently believe."

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Snookies122502d ago

Everyone pays too much for VC games... They're kind of expensive to be honest.

LOL_WUT2502d ago

Yeah but $10.40 for SNES games? That's a little too pricey don't you think? ;)

a_bro2502d ago

And that's why this whole used game controversy is bad for gaming. Digital content soley owned by one company can take an old game and charge it beyond what it's suppose to be worth.

decrypt2502d ago

"Everyone pays too much for VC games... They're kind of expensive to be honest."

Not everyone, Why pay Nintendo for stuff we already bought back in the Snes days, also its not like there is any guarantee what we buy today from any console maker online will last at all(i mean they probably wont give BC for the next box, hence this becomes a never ending cycle where you just cant permanently own what you paid for).

Best solution is to emulate Nintendo games on the PC. Specially if you owned the original game. I see no point getting ripped by console makers again and again, its their problem they can provide a decent BC solution for their hardware and i am not just looking at Nintendo here, MS and Sony are equally bad.

slapedurmomsace2502d ago

completely agree. These are sometimes 20yr+ games that 5 years ago were worthless. And now the people have a decent internet connect and a hard drive, all of a sudden these games go up 10 fold. Not to mention the shear amount of free emulators that plays all of these games on a PC. Crap I have a emulator on my transformer tablet that I play these games on....for free

MartinB1052502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

N64 VC games cost twice as much as most PSOne games on PSN.
SNES VC games cost more than most PSOne games on PSN.
NES VC games cost almost as much as most PSOne games on PSN.

Then you have the collections - Sonic's Ultimate Genesis collection, Midway Arcade Origins, Capcom Classics, etc. to make comparisons with, all of which paint VC very unfavourably in terms of value.

Snookies12 is absolutely right; VC games ARE expensive.

I wish those who disagree would make some kind of argument against this, because I don't think I've ever actually seen one.

Whymii2501d ago

I'm not going to disagree with you because your arquement is valid. What I will say is that companies will often price their products irrespective of their competitors, rather on the perceived value that the customer has for their product. If they are right they can maximise profits and if they are wrong...

Nintendo games traditionally hold their value, particularly when compared to their competitors. Have look at the bargain bins in your local game store. Three year old Mario games often sell for more than 6 month old blockbusters from EA and activision.

Would they sell more I they dropped the prices of VC games? Of course, but they probably wouldn't make more money.The other problem is that once you drop the price it is very hard to raise it again, that's why they do special discounts in stead.

All of this doesn't discount what you have said and doesn't justify the price. It only serves to give a possible answer as to why they charge what they charge.

badz1492501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

last time I check, Australia pays too much for pretty much everything!

but yeah...10 quid for decades old games? that's rip off by the power of TEN!

Pozzle2501d ago

The worst rip-off I can think of is Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica HD versions were being sold for $30 EACH in Australia. D:

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PigPen2502d ago

That depends on the country. We might pay $4 dollars for bread, they may pay $7 dollars. It can be like what the dollar is to America to what the Yen is to Japan.

caseh2502d ago

Yup, depends on current exchange rates.

I know we get screwed in the EU compared to the US. To the extent where i've bought US PSN store cards to save a couple of quid over paying EU prices.

Flip back a few years before the economy went to sh*t and it was the other way around.

Pozzle2502d ago

We pay too much for games in general. :(

Bathyj2502d ago

Probably. We pay to much for every other type of game.

PopRocks3592502d ago

You know, if any of the top comments had the decency to be backed by any sort of research, they would know that many games are priced considerably higher in Australia. This is hardly exclusive to Nintendo Virtual Console games. But naturally, as usual you have bozos like LOL_WUT taking advantage of the story and twisting the facts.

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