Microsoft admits first-party 360 release bungle

A senior Microsoft executive has admitted that the firm bungled its release schedule earlier this year on Xbox 360, resulting in gaps which were "too long from a first-party".

His humble response after the jump.

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THWIP5893d ago

Of course, some of the blame has to be placed on the developers too.

kmis875893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

Well, it does take time to make high quality games, so sometimes it just doesn't line up. 8 months is pretty bad, but it's better than just releasing crap to fill the void (Some would say N3 was crap, though I think trying to ripoff the Dynasty Warriors franchise wasn't that smart to begin with). It's like the guy says: [But] we're not going to let the date drive when a first party game comes out, because a bad first-party game coming out at the right time doesn't matter. I think most xbox owners will forgive them when Gears of War hits shelves.

sjappie5893d ago

That's decent of Microsoft, you wouldn't hear Sony admit they made mistakes ever,even standing before god almighty himself.

shortyNZ5893d ago

its in the past MS. i forgive you :) just dont change the release of GOW! i already got my preorder for the box set

bababrooks5893d ago

i have had a ball. give me more of this.
2 many gamers think its a crime, rather than a joy, hell give me great games xbox360(i luv it).if you love games,not companies try all.
ps. i am scint and cannot afford all but (dj get a fekin life looosssssssseerrrrrrrrrrrr)we all live then die!

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