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Worth Playing: "In The Last of Us, America is a postapocalyptic wasteland where humanity survives in small groups. The rest of the country is home to raiders or zombie-like creatures. The stars of the story are the mismatched pair of Joel and Ellie. He's taken on the role of Ellie's guardian and is trying to get her to safety, but there aren't many safe places in this doomed world, as we saw in a preview build."

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aRTCy2499d ago

Oh, for the love of...look they are not Zombies!!!! They are people who got infected by cordyceps. They are not dead bodies that are given the semblance of life again. Get that threw your thick skull!!!

Rusty5152499d ago

...I'm callin em zombies

JP13692499d ago

If you're going to be that picky, you might want to learn the difference between threw and through. Also, there is no need to capitalize zombies. Good day, sir!

Bathyj2499d ago


The amount of times he said Zombies.

jjb19812499d ago

They're actually Microsoft employees on a rampage.