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Elder Geek: "Resident Evil: Revelations is a legit Resident Evil game that could have been a numbered entry in the series. It’s worse than 4, but better than 5. Between the low poly environments, low-rez textures, and 20 minute episodic storytelling, the game constantly reminds you that it was once a portable title, but there is some quality content to be found if you’re gamer enough to see past its inequities. There is a demo available. It’s worth a try if you haven’t already had a chance to give Revelations a go on your 3DS."

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1upgamer992501d ago

I have the game, and it is certainly better than 5 or 6. It is not like the graphics are THAT bad. I have it for Wii U and I like the on the fly weapons switch and map on my gamepad.