Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review | Digital Chumps

Digital Chumps: "This displays why downloadable services like XBLA exist. Clearly, Techland had some ideas for a new installment in a series, but weren't enough to warrant a disc release. So instead of creating a bunch of nonsense to constitute a full $60 release, they worked things down and made an abbreviated experience for a lower price. Playing the game is a blast, as the whole "desperado" feeling comes through in spades. Story is a fun play through, and could be done in one sitting. But the Duel and Arcade modes offer a good amount of re-playability. And despite some inconsistencies in the presentation, nothing is enough to spoil the party. If CoJ was at the 800 MS Points price level, I would say this is a "download NOW" type game. At $15, cop the trial and decide for yourself. If you like what you play, I doubt you'll be disappointed."

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