I Don’t Care About The Xbox One, and That’s Okay

Like many of you, Gamers Association editor Luke Frazier was more than a little disappointed after watching the Xbox One reveal event last week. But is it really a bad thing if Microsoft and Sony are offering seriously different experiences this time around? According to him, not at all. Dig in to find out why.

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FrigidDARKNESS2508d ago

Who cares others wikk buy it and it will sell millions upon millions.

Count2507d ago

5 disagree that it will sell millions. Anybody wanna place a bet?

yesmynameissumo2507d ago

It will. Unfortunately, not anywhere near the 360's or PS3's numbers if the DRM/Used Games stuff isn't cleared up. I don't need to go buy a console to watch TV and sports. I do need to buy a console to play Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, Watch_Dogs, etc.

BadboyCivic2507d ago

But then again..if you didn't care, why talk, write or think about it?
Does the thought of the giant square box gives you nightmares?

BadboyCivic2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I love my Xbox,
I just don't like paying for Live..paying for Xbox live over 8 yrs is the equivalent of buying 2 consoles.

Tyre2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

@Frigid Darkness/Count/yesmynameissumo No it won't, your mentality is the start of all troubles. Because of people like you Microsoft thought they could push those horrible features down our throats without any protest or trouble. Guess what? No more mentalities like this. We must realise we have the power to change it. Be vocal and do not buy into this con. What MS is doing is illegal & against Human rights. Our future as gamers will not be determine by the agenda of Microsoft. Not many gamers want these draconian DRM features and a 3D object scanner/biometrics scanner/voice profiling CCTV that is recording everything you do in your living room if you play. These features are THE BADDEST and MOST DANGEROUS DEVELOPMENT IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. It will effect EVERYBODY. Other Companies/Governments will be very happy with the info on people's private lives. This is just ridiculous. NOBODY should buy this for the sake of the future. Do not listen to the lies of MS about the Kinect "off" function because it is still mandatory to have it on, you should have the option to have it off all the time and be able to use the controller only( to make sure MS isn't recording anything in 'hidden'features). There is no privacy with such a camera in your living room. I do not care for the XBOX anymore if MS doesn't revoke those horrible features. No gamer has anything to profit from this. It is all stuff we don't need. THINK of the consequences people.

marchinggamer2507d ago

Holy shit you are a fanboy not even realizing Microsoft said they are still debating the DRM and the used game fee and Sony is still debating on it as well

Count2507d ago

You believe it won't sell millions? Even though the original Xbox sold 30 million and the 360 has sold 80 million?

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Bigpappy2508d ago

BS! Of course you care about it. If you didn't you would not be writing this opinion piece. You may not want one. You might believe PS4 is the better choice. But even in those case, you should care. What is on XBOXONE today could be on PS4 tomorrow and vice versa.

I still don't like the layout of PS4 controller, but I like their GDDR5 RAM. It is a bold move. The price then become a point of possible contention.

I am an Xbox guy, because that is where I have felt comfortable. They got me back in to gaming after 10 years. I have like how M$ has lead the industry forward. Their controller is the most comfortable I have ever used, they did broad band internet right, their implementation of the head phone with every system and chat, unique ID, lobbies... and Xbox live as a whole has become the standard for the industry.

But I now see them as not thinking things through, and letting publishers have too much influence over the Xbox policies. They can not completely ignore them, but they need to protect their customers and focus on their needs as the priority over controlling them or giving that impression. But yeah, they are my first choice and I really don't want to go back to PC gaming. But that is my second choice. Steam is okay.

2507d ago
rytlok2507d ago

Anyone with a brain doesnt care about the spybox1

Martywren2507d ago

Not another shitty article

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