Top 10 most expensive video games to develop

Here s a top 10 list for most expensive video game to develop, Some games are old but really costly

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Jovanian 3470d ago

most of those budgets go straight into marketing

minimur123470d ago

I have a feeling that The Last Of Us might be on the list soon, they've done so much with marketing and stuff

minimur123470d ago

oh, and on a game lock in event I got 2 free (a3)posters for pre ordering the game, imagine how much that cost?

DCfan3470d ago

GTAIV was alright, bored me within the first 40 mins

USMC_POLICE3470d ago

I agree. It lost the fun factor of the previous ones. All GTA games I spent days exploring the maps GTA 4 not so much.

Rusty5153470d ago

The online is what made gta4 so fun.

Bathyj3470d ago

Worst game in the series as far as fun goes.

And yes, I'm including GTAI&II

KingPin3470d ago

nothing can touch GTA1. it will forever be the game changer and original.

i remember playing that on pentium 2 with 4MB onboard video card. lol

3-4-53470d ago

I tried to go back and play the old ones recently and they are almost unplayable compared to GTA 4.

I'm not crazy about the story, but for just messing around GTA4 is by far the best.

josephayal3470d ago

Killzone 2 is the most expensive game ever and the best looking Fps

GamersRulz3470d ago

I didn't know that Halo 4 released on PS3. Lol

guitarded773470d ago

I didn't know dollar signs go at the right end of a value.

KingPin3470d ago

i think you might have misread the article.

"The game released on PS3, Xbox360 in 2010 and cost: 100,000,000$"
is referring to red dead redemption

whats referring to halo4 is
"The game released on Xbox360 in 2012 and cost: 100,000,000$"

caseh3470d ago

Goes to show how insane the budget was on Shenmue when you consider how long ago it was released. GT5 was the first game to top it, 11 years later.

SirBradders3470d ago

Shenmue in my eyes was way ahead of its time the thought process behind it was immense.

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