Extreme Gamer: MLB 08: The Show Review

Each baseball season two choices always come up, and it's likely if you are a fan of either you are going to pick up that brand. Between the two big hitters, 2K Sports and Sony, The Show comes out ahead with a few extra bases this year, but again it's Extreme Gamer's brand. If you haven't tried MLB on the PS3, the '08 version of The Show is the best game of the series, following with the little guy, the portable version which offers a second to none handheld experience.

It seems Sony is continuing to improve on the series with baby steps which is better than slamming production in reverse. Once the PS2 retires its bat, Extreme Gamer think they are going to see the proper jump in evolution some gamers are expecting on the PS3. Bottom line, MLB 08 The Show is a great game and worth the yearly upgrade.

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Maddens Raiders4497d ago

can anyone give me an honest opinion on this vs. MLB2K8? Thanks.

PimpHandStrong4497d ago

i also played The Show Demo b4 i bought it

if you like baseball and you dont buy a baseball game yearly then The Show is a sure bet to keep you happy

I dont buy baseball games yearly and i think i only owned one b4 The Show and tell the truth i think The Show is the best sports game out right now and maybe the best i have ever owned