Comparing Reveals: PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

There is little doubt that Sony and Microsoft had different strategies when announcing their additions to the next generation of gaming and entertainment. Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to look at the two approaches and what they mean for you, the gamer.

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Rainstorm812498d ago

If you went into these conferences excited about the future of gaming, logically only one conference could've excited all

FrigidDARKNESS2498d ago

I never thought a reveal was a contest this is tottaly ridiculous and infallable.

BABYLEG2498d ago

Microsoft showed a versatile machine.. Sony showed a game system because.. Well.. That's all they got. They dont care enough to invest in the NFL for its fanbase

Hicken2498d ago

Sony showed a versatile machine, too.

But Sony showed a versatile GAME CONSOLE.

And it's not that they "don't care enough," but that the NFL deal isn't relevant enough to gaming. Did you already forget about them having the MLB and NFL Networks on PS3? Cool bonuses, but not what a gaming console should be about.

Damn sure not what the console's announcement should focus on.

To say a game system is all Sony has, when they could have added and talked up their music and movie divisions, is just blatantly false.

MikeMyers2498d ago

And after E3 when Microsoft shows games you'll just move onto something else to talk about that you don't like about the system.

The fact is Sony only showed 4 games at its press event that won't be on the Xbox One while Microsoft showed 2 games so far that won't be on the PS4. Difference is Microsoft told the public and the media that the press event focus would be on the system and that the game focus will be at E3. It was also only an hour event unlike Sony's 2 hour event.

After E3 whine all you like about the lack of games if that ends up being true or how the games shown don't interest you, until then you don't have a clue how centric the system is to games or what games will be on offer.

psyxon2497d ago

lol. xbots are seriously clinging to hope. good for them.

Why o why2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

God forbid a games console maker concentrates more on games at its gaming consoles reveal... crazy

@Evil ryu
....Keyword 'gamers'..... I'm sure its gamers who annoyed. It's still a games console.

Rainstorm812497d ago

Lol that's funny, only one console has NFL Sunday ticket this gen.....can you guess which one?

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indysurfn2498d ago

PS4 Beat expectations. And was a little more specific on technicals. No console, but I have always thought the consoles actually looks are only for the over the top vain fanboy!
My top 16 reasons.Skip to 16 for the most important.

exbox1 my first divorce yeah! Today Microsoft masters a new word. Say it with me Eric Cartman: $cha-ching$

1, Internet goes out to long no games. But hey, theres no fee for that.

2, You say you dont have internet? No games for you, yeah the cable/dish companies may have paid us to require that BUNDLE for them! Get high speed internet, yeah, thats going to cost you monthly $cha-ching$

3, Xbox servers attacked like PS3 was for 22+ days, go out no games for days, or weeks! And you can't charge Microsoft for that you agreed to it this time! No $cha-ching$ for you that's Micromanaged word!

4, Xbox servers attacked, go out no TV for days, or WEEKS!And you can't charge Microsoft for that you agreed to it this time! No $cha-ching$ for you that's Microhards word!

5, Internet Modemn/router goes out no games, or tv (yes cable or dish). Better have a emergency modemn/router around, or a business class moden/route. What do you want to miss the superbowl, or other favorite tv? Yeah that's going to cost you $cha-ching$

6, You want to lend a game, that is going to cost you
$cha-ching$ (hurraaaay-Micro mananged wallet is winning!)

7, You want the game back that you lent to your brother/nephew/niece/friend? That is going to cost you $cha-ching$

8, You want to just sell your game that is going to cost you $cha-ching$ SAY WHAT!? Son why are you paying this man to BUY your game? THATS CRAZY, are you a fool or something!? What kind of store Iiiis this anyway! And why do they have all these $cha-ching$ signs around the exbox1.

9, If not number 8. You want to buy used games that is going to cost you (or the seller) First you have to pay for the game, NOW your dumb BUTT is going to have to pay for the PREVILAGE of being able to buy a used game! DUMMY! $cha-ching$ (Overheard at Microsoft, Hurray Microsoft is clowning these fools, WE LOVE US!).

Son you just paid for the game! Why is this man charging you again for buying the game? Like I said last time is you a fool or something? Now I know why all these signs are next to the 1st-ex-box you DUMMY!

10, You finally about to kiss that person? Wait did you physically unplug the xbox(1) BEFORE they CAME in the room? (yeah I realize I didnt say: "CAME INTO the room?") Smile your on camera, and voicecam. And body mapping position(s), and wait just cha-ching it, can't? Didn't it just cost you a whole lot more than a fee?
That could cost you more than money, Microsoft changed thier name to Micomananged, then Microhard(get back to work you geeks), to late to cover the camera now! Don't worry Microsoft Didn't get any $cha-ching$ boooo! But they got some interesting evidence!

indysurfn2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

11, You want to sell your xbox one, with all the games? How do you find someone that likes almost all your games so you will get a decent price for it? Oh wait the DESIGNATED retailers, Riiight. Gamestop, EB? You know that is going to cost you $cha-ching$. For EACH GAME, $cha-ching$ $cha-ching$ (no credit for those games, we are no longer take these as trade ins, which means we get them from you for FREE)! $cha-ching$ $cha-ching$ (what you mean we are abusing that stance? We are aware we have 700% more games we don't take as trade ins compared to last is just happned to work out like I was saying while ringing this up $cha-ching$

12, Wait All Mom, and Pops are being left out of the trade in policy? All rental retailers? All rental only companies, bye gamefly?! Guess what? More unemployed people that is going to INDIRECTLY cost you!

13, Not only are you not getting a good price, from a price fixing group of Micro managed retailers, but besides used games bringing down the price of new games now the other shoe is falling, mom and pops, and rental, and any retailers that Microsoft don't like! That is going to indirectly cost you too! $cha-ching$

14, Affraid the government will find out how many guns you own by scanning for words that your machine has already interpretted? Or for used for Scanning for guns, weed, other plants, any items that can be used to snorting/smoknig/injecting drugs, got a broken antenna around? Don't worry at least it didn't cost you! (oh wait there is bound to be some kind of a fine in your state). $cha-ching$ (plus you get fired for having a record).

15, Didnt buy the machine for games(sicko, dont you already have a ps3 to play blu-rays, and surf the interwet?), now you want to just sell your machine and go back to the ps3? Will that cost you also? I don't know the answer to that question, since I can't trust Microsoft with anything they have not confirmed (or have confirmed) I'm going to have to assume it will cost you $cha-ching$

Pitty the fool that trys to rebuy their 1st ex-box.

MOST Important:(besides privacy)
16, The Micromanaged retailers are taking in PS4 games and because there are no real price drops on the exbox1 they are using a abnormal amount of the credits to buy exbox1 games. So Microsoft is draining money from Sony! Because usually more of those games will be traded in for Sony games but to help people afford Microsoft games dual system owners will use credits from ps4 to buy more Exbox1 games. So now Sony want's to charge people a fee to sell or buy a used game. To even things out! $cha-ching$ $cha-ching$

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