Can we rely on Microsoft to deliver at e3?

Casually Addicted's Craig Shields has his take on what Microsoft need to focus on at e3:

"It’s been a week now since the tragic reveal of the Xbox One. And not tragic for just anyone in particular either, it’s been a PR disaster for Microsoft.

The taunts and jeers from across the internet about TV, Sports and a severe lack of games has hurt Microsoft in a console announcement that was truly spectacular for all the wrong reasons."

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ZodTheRipper2502d ago

It'll be hard to meet the expectations people now have of Microsofts E3 conference'll be even harder to surpass Sony with their conference. This will definately be one of the most interesting E3's yet.

MikeMichaels2502d ago

MS is boned. They took their eye off the prize and its going to bite them.

Damage control like "We'll throw 1 billion dollars at games" isnt going to fix anything. Great titles and dev teams take years and iterations to mature.

Sony spent a generation producing hits and misses, learning, and its about to pay off for them. They are laser focused.

Maybe next gen MS.

Sitdown2502d ago

That is where you are wrong, keeping their eye on the prize, is what is the cause of concern. Since the days of the original xbox, Microsoft has been trying to position itself at the center of the living room. Microsoft understood the move away from traditional PC, and has been trying to make sure they have a firm position when things shifted. Microsoft can easily right the wrong at E3, while easily putting a spin on the "rumors".

HammadTheBeast2502d ago

MS has some massive competition. They will likely lose the first party race, but even third parties might not hold up when Sony has Destiny and others on their side.

They've got a long climb ahead.

Hundreds of Xbox fans have been saying "wait for E3". Well. I'm waiting.

fermcr2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

If Microsoft wants to recover from the backlash, a E3 as good as Sony won't cut it, they need a better E3 then Sony... and in all honesty i don't believe they will have a better E3 then Sony.

Microsoft need big and great surprises (game related) at E3. Can they deliver... hummm...

OrangePowerz2502d ago

The problem MS has now is that they need to outperform Sony at the E3. If they are just on par it won't be good enough because of all the bad PR since march and the failed presentation.

Retroman2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )


i rather rely on a skunk smelling bad than anything from MS.....(credibility)..... and that is a difficult smell to deal with.


Yeah,i really can't wait!
2 weeks to go.

ABizzel12502d ago

If they don't deliver their done.

That being said I truly want to see these 15 exclusives, and again if a good portion of those exclusives are Kinect games (potentially excluding Ryse) or XBLA games, then they're done.

Also we have to remember they said 15 exclusives in the first year (which could mean 2013 - 2014, unlike a lot of people who are expecting by the end of the 2013).

UNGR2502d ago

"It'll be hard to meet the expectations people now have of Microsoft's E3 conference" They said the games are coming, probably more details on the console. If they do those, and clarify (while fixing) some issues people have, they'll nail it. As for Sony's conference. "it'll be even harder to surpass Sony with their conference." How do you know it'll be good? What if they tank it? None of know. All we can do is hope they both do good, speculation is for fools. If this kind of speculation is held acceptable then what isn't? It's almost more annoying than the "end of the world, 2012" crap we saw. Nobody know's jack except for the ones in charge, and they're not saying anything until E3. Wait and see, it's all you can do.

Veneno2502d ago

Jeez lighten up and have some fun.

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Rainstorm812502d ago

It's going to be very difficult. Sony has to be given credit for the superb chess game they have been playing with MS. Sony had their announcement first and created a huge buzz within the gaming community, forcing MS to answer back with their own event which has been very Anti-gamer.

Now June 10 MS goes first and if they don't blow the socks off gamers everywhere, they will be Bookended between Sony Press conferences. Well played so far by Sony.

E3 isn't far off and MS can turn it around...but they didnt do themselves any favors in a gaming community that already feels like they aren't the primary focus

KillrateOmega2502d ago

It'll be difficult. Damn difficult.

They'll have to somehow show gamers that they still care about them and manage to overturn A LOT of negative press and opinions.

MikeMyers2502d ago

Difficult but possible. Their track record hasn't been the greatest but if there ever was a time for them to have to deliver at E3 this is it.

HammadTheBeast2502d ago

Unless they change the DRM and used games policy, they might as well save the billion they've put into games.

Hicken2502d ago

Possible but improbable. That very same E3 track record you mention, combined with their gaming policies these past few years and the recent reveal of the XBOne, say it's not likely.

We can expect Call of Duty, Halo, and a few other things that have been staples, even during their less than stellar showings. But beyond that, there's not really anything we can expect from them.

We can HOPE for more, for better, for them to renounce these ridiculous plans they have.

But should we expect it? No.

wishingW3L2502d ago

they said they have 15 exclusives

Mustang300C20122502d ago

And that is just MS not other publishers that may announce additional exclusive games and or content.

HammadTheBeast2502d ago

15 exclusives in the first year.

They haven't said how many will be for Kinect (Ryze is one) and how many are small downloadables etc.

OrangePowerz2502d ago

15 exclusives can mean a lot. I remember the year Kinect came out and MS saying they have tons of exclusives and a lot of them turned out to be Kinect games.

I don't want to see Kinect games at the presentation, just like I dont want to see Move games at the Sony presentation.

Salvadore2502d ago

Who said they couldn't, but that is all dependent on whether the damn fools at MS can get their marketing department; i.e. unless you are otherwise advised to don't say anything.

FrigidDARKNESS2502d ago

Of course cant wait to see Respawn.

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