10 Games We Want and the Developers That Should Make Them

Default Prime's Alex Carlson dreams big dreams by thinking of how some classic game series could be better in the hands of some different developers.

"With so many series staying close to the devs’ heart, not many of these visionaries have the trust and confidence in thinking that another developer will give their series the kind of care and love that they themselves give it. But some ideas don’t disappear with time. Here’s a new list of games that we’d love to see handed off to another developer than the one who currently holds it, and the developer who seems to be the best and most trusting caretaker of these franchises."

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Mr_Nuts2507d ago

Why would you want to take a great game like Uncharted from an already amazing developer.

ltachiUchiha2507d ago

Yeah that would be horrible but its just other ppls opinion & picks. Naughty Dog are perfect fit with uncharted series because they obviously made it lol.

minimur122507d ago

I'll agree with that. But uncharted Golden abyss on the vita, made by Sony Bend studio ( if you haven't guessed, not the original studio) and they did a bloody good job of it. But they did have everything overseen by naughty dog, the original creators of uncharted.

What annoys me, is that nearly every portable console game is made by a different studio :( lol

ltachiUchiha2507d ago

True but that was a vita game. Not taking anything away from them but it would prolly be a different experience if it were a full ps3 game. Thats just my opinion though. =]


I mean Naughty Dog might just stop making Uncharted games and go on to their next big game series but then I want it continued by a capable company because I need more games haha

WiiUsauce2507d ago

Star Fox should be made by Treasure.

buckley2505d ago

They've already left it behind, and Rocksteady has the potential to give the fantastic set pieces a proper open-world framework. I see the impetus.

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Donnieboi2507d ago

Terrible opinion piece. Almost all of these games were paired with companies that don't fit the game's style.

ElectroJade2507d ago

Maybe that's the point. Maybe they want something completely different.

MrMister2507d ago


If they want something different, maybe they should pursue the games that those other companies are already making. Who the hell would want Star Fox to be developed by Platinum Games? That's just weird. And then the article actually references Bayonetta and I haven't seen a proper Star Fox in a long time, and this article wants it to become a Bayonetta clone?

No thanks.

Donnieboi2507d ago

Yeah but why not just make a new I.P. then? What's the point in putting these companies on these games if all they are going to do is make them unrecognizable to their fanbase. I like it when games do new things, but this article just has the wrong teams set-up for the wrong franchises IMO.

BlackWolf2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Remember StarFox Adventures? It was great game, but branding it in the SF series damaged its reputation... just because it strayed too much from what people were used to. No one's against innovation, but changing the concept to much could do more hurt that good.

The 10th Rider2507d ago


Are you kidding me? Platinum games is the perfect fit for Starfox! They've made some of the best action games in recent memory, they're great with that quirky dialogue and style, and they're great at making fast paced games. Also, Considering that they said they want Nintendo to force them to make Starfox at gunpoint and and they both have a sudden friendship going, I wouldn't be surprised if it's already in the works.

_QQ_2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

A Starfox game made by Platinum would be amazing. their over the top style is what a game like Starfox needs.

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buckley2505d ago

I don't agree at all... Frictional making a horror game? Bungie making a shooter? Bethesda making an open-world RPG? Criterion games making a racing game?

The games are paired with developers who are versed in making games that would likely compliment the franchise in question in positive ways.

KillrateOmega2507d ago

"Any Peter Molyneux Project"


FlyingFoxy2507d ago

Well Black and White was a great game, i played it a lot on PC at the time.. now? i haven't heard anything great about Lionhead studios.

WeAreLegion2507d ago

Most of Lionhead left after Black & White 2 to form a little studio called Media Molecule. ;) That's why everything since has sucked.

jcnba282507d ago

A Pokemon game from Monolith Soft would be epic.

-GametimeUK-2507d ago

A free roam sci-fi or fantasy game by R*. Risky, but awesome.

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