Xbox One could replace Nielson ratings, allowing Microsoft to sell KPIs to advertisers

Microsoft wants the Xbox One to become the most prominent device that users interact with when searching for content. Whether that content is games, movies, internet or televisions shows, Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be everyone’s first choice. With the Kinect camera however, advertisers may have the ability to track user-engagement, viewership and customer’s interaction like never before.

One of the more interesting Xbox One patents that Microsoft is trying to secure, is a patent that would allow Xbox One owners to gain achievements by watching television, something that the famous ‘Getglue’ application already does with social-networking systems. The difference is the amount of data that Microsoft can obtain while these shows are running.

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Maddens Raiders2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

"One of the more interesting Xbox One patents that Microsoft is trying to secure, is a patent that would allow Xbox One owners to gain ACHIEVEMENTS by WATCHING TELEVISION, something that the famous ‘Getglue’ application already does with social-networking systems.

The DIFFERENCE is the amount of data that Microsoft can OBTAIN while these shows are running."

I've officially run out of words...

a_bro2502d ago

they're patenting something that Sony does with the Playstation Torne.

RandomDude6552502d ago

Couldn't sony get around patent infringement (if they chose the same) by proving they already had a working product?

HammadTheBeast2502d ago

So, where's that User Blog about the "tinfoil hats" now?

kneon2502d ago

Unless Microsoft have added a novel twist to the idea then any patent would be invalidated due to the prior art from Sony.

JokesOnYou2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Well its just speculation, conjecture, assumptions, companys file hundreds of patents that never see the light of day in an actual product, same goes for sony and Nielson does a lot more than simple data collection along with being a well known reputable analytical company, no way in hell would Kinect replace them overnight.

I like Achievements but no in hell would I want them for watching TV, lol.

Cueil2502d ago

Microsoft and Sony are part of a group who have agreed to license out patents for pennies on the dollar so I doubt there would be much trouble is Sony wanted to use this

kingPoS2502d ago

Every time I see the Torne in action, make me wish US TV networks would let american PS3's be used as DVR's.

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gamer422502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

well, at least you can say you are 'achieveing' something by doing nothing, but watch TV. (I can finally prove my mother wrong!)

Count2502d ago

Well achievements were kind of pointless before. Now it's the confirmation.

Hydralysk2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Why would I want to get achievements for watching TV anyways? The last thing I'd want would be for my friends to be browsing my achievement list and find out that I've got 100% completion on The Young and the Restless and Maury Povich.

MrWonderful2502d ago

Sir you are not the father!

Tomdc2502d ago

Its literally 1984, big brother is watching you :/

but surely you can just unplug the camera...

imahustla192502d ago

Even if u can't unplug the camera it's not like it can tell if your looking at the screen or how fast your hearts beating or nothin...

Snookies122502d ago

They're just patents though. If they get implemented, then we can go off on 'em. This is such a stupid idea though... Let's hope they're not idiotic enough to actually go through with this. Then again, they did focus on TV more than anything else at their reveal.....

dcbronco2502d ago

Actually it's not a bad idea. Companies pay billions a year to companies like Nielsen and others for estimates. If MS can provide hard numbers they would have an advantage. Plus with Nielsen, the sample size is very small. With a system like this on One it would be very accurate and also focus on the 13 to 35(45) demographic that advertisers crave. It would be very lucrative.

I could also see something like this making Live free. If Live were free, it would increase the number of users and make the info more valuable. MS would want to increase the pool because they could get so much more on the other end. I would watch the Nelsen stock price to see if there is a real chance of this happening.

fr0sty2502d ago

Yes, Microsoft can use Xbox One to sell your viewing habits to the highest bidder. It can also sell an infrared 3D video of you banging your girlfriend if it wants to... or give that conversation you just had with your pot dealer to the police.

Fairchild Channel F2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Next they'll be handing out achievements if Kinect see's you eating Doritos. Or drinking Mountain Dew.

I know, I know.....your worried about Geoff Keighley. So am I. I mean, how's he going to put food on the table?

True, they are just patents at this point but they really show where their true motivations lie. Better to drag this stuff into the light now then wait for them to quietly implement them down the road.

dcbronco2502d ago

Fairchild I got news for you. Every company spends a ton of their revenue each year trying to figure out what you spend on. Including MS and Sony. Facebook, Google. All companies. There is a reason everyone wants you to go to their website for more information or to sign in to make a comment or "Like" something. They want your information so they can sell you stuff. Even the GPS in your phone is used to see what areas people spend time in so that they can charge more rent for areas with heavy traffic. It doesn't make MS evil or anything. It makes them just another company.

Fairchild Channel F2502d ago


Saying everybody does it doesn't make it right by a long shot. I don't want this kind of crap being pulled from any of the companies you listed. They do this stuff because at some point people like yourself are more then happy to put up with it. And once it gets a foothold it's nearly impossible to undo.

Never said Microsoft was "evil". That's childish. I know how mega corporations work. I'm an adult. If Microsoft wants to give out consoles for free and then use them to advertize 24/7 to people, hey that's great. But last I checked they weren't free. They cost a bit of money. I don't need to be watched, listened to, tracked, marketed to and nickel and dimed simply because I want to relax and play a game or watch a movie.

dcbronco2501d ago

I'm not saying it's right. But g as people use silly reasons, like I like Playstation, as their motivation for complaining about it, it will continue. If you really have a problem with it, complain about all companies. This fake outrage is all based on a bunch of basement dwellers that love Sony and by default hate Microsoft.

I don't agree with it. I go a step further because I believe even commenting online is used against us and used to profile us. I don't believe an employer has the right to view your Facebook page, but many demand that now. I actually believe in the Constitution of this country and believe I have to right to have my views. The idea that Kinect will watch you and record your conversations is being pushed by idiots that don't know their rights and are easily manipulated by opportunist pushing it for their gain.

I will say if viewing information is collected and not attached to me personally I don't have a problem with that. It should lead to gearing content to the people actually using the product. But I don't like the idea of things like grocery discount cards selling your shopping habits to your insurance company because they want to know if you buy a lot of beer so they can raise your rates. That is what a guy who worked for the company that developed the cards told me the ultimate purpose was.

But the biggest problem with all of this is uneducated people with other motives whining about things and assigning blame based on their bias. It only muddies the waters and prevents an real address of the issue. When fanboys become involved it's no longer a privacy issue, it's a flame war. And nobody in a position to do anything about it will take it seriously. It will make the uninformed the loudest voice in the room which only encourages the people doing wrong because they know those people don't matter and can be maneuvered where ever they want them to be.

waltercross2501d ago

@ dcbronco

Sure many companies do it, but there IS a line you don't cross, you can't put this shit in peoples living room man!. I Hate MS more than ever these days, that Skype stuff, This, Always on Kinect(Audio) I mean no way will I allow this in my house.

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MariaHelFutura2502d ago

Great business move for who exactly?

Seriously, you need to put down the controller and pick up some pom-poms. You're not a gamer, you're a cheerleader.

-Mika-2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

If being a gamer consists of being an selfish individual that does nothing except whine and moan when things doesn't goes his way. Than I don't want to be a gamer. I rather be a cheerleader. Atleast than, I would appreciate and would support the gaming companies that keep my favorite hobby alive.

MariaHelFutura2502d ago

Mika, you sound like you're talking about yourself.

Mr_Nuts2502d ago

*** you sound like you're talking about yourself. ***

Oh Mika just got owned, here let me give you some cold water...for that BURN. Owch

Why o why2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Lol, the irony.....

Better to be a moaner than a sheep. I'm not saying you, mika, are one or the other, but we all need to strike a balance. These companies will ass rape us if we let them, sony included. Stop moaning at the people who are standing up to or take issues with the things you're ok with.. Yes some are just point scorers but not all. Goes both ways.

Maybe if it wasn't for the moaning people bringing the rrod to light to the point mainstream media picked it up, ms wouldn't of felt the need to act. Remember MS were kool with just saying it was a vocal minority or what not and that the fail rate wasn't as high as it actually turned out to be.. yeah, they lied. I also remember the deflectors and defenders fighting off the moaners like they were the ones who created the mess. They WILL ass rape us if we let them.

Said it loads of times already. Sony also have things to clarify at E3 its just at this present moment, MS has more.... a lot more

MysticStrummer2502d ago

This just confirms that Neo (The One) will keep track of what you do and report those findings to MS.

Not that this is anything new. Google does something like it and has for a long time. There are definitely more potentially sinister possibilities with Neo.

It's an "awesome business move" because Frigid said so. lol

@Mika - Your comment is so ironic, but I won't bother trying to explain how.

True_Samurai2502d ago

Sort of how you chant Sony in almost every article?

wantonGamer2502d ago

" I rather be a cheerleader. Atleast than, I would appreciate and would support the gaming companies that keep my favorite hobby alive"

HAHA, Mika you think Microsoft is keeping your hobby (which I assume is gaming) alive ?

How exactly ?

waltercross2501d ago

Some people will sell there souls to the Devil for games. Not me.

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Bellcross2502d ago

Well guess my PC is now useless../s

DivineAssault 2502d ago

tv achievements is too far fetched to me.. Lets see what they do to show off everything the xbox does during E3 cuz i dont think theres anything they can show thats going to make me buy it over PS4.. I think wii u & ps4 will be game focused machines that provide plenty of software from both western & eastern dev companies.. xbox will mainly be western & seems like its geared toward sports & tv fanatics..

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