Iwata Asks: NERD's Goals and Dreams

Nintendo European Research & Development team (N.E.R.D), who are a Nintendo subsidiary, help develop software technologies and middleware for Nintendo platforms and are currently hiring researchers in the field of cloud technology.Here’s what the CTO at Nintendo European Research & Development had to say briefly on the matter.

Alex: "Exactly. The developers at Nintendo headquarters need to spend their time developing the actual platform, so I think we’d like to explore areas that they don’t have time for. For example the possibilities which are opened up by the combination of cloud technologies and new software paradigms like general purpose GPU programming."

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Donnieboi2497d ago

Excellent! I always thought Nintendo should look into cloud technology as an additional option.

PopRocks3592497d ago

Certainly could not hurt to implement such tech with their next console, or possibly even the Wii U at some point.

Donnieboi2497d ago

I hope it's for THIS generation, because we need more hardcore game companies to push back Xbox's tv-centred, casual-audience based focus.

Cloud technology, combined with an Indie focus, Nintendo's talented teams/franchises, and if Iwata really is combining the portables division WITH the console division (I always thought the portable division was better--those guys get great 3rd party love)...Then I can see Nintendo making a HUGE comeback.

Maybe now they will be like their NES/SNES days again. I just hope Iwata has the sense to see the grand opportunity Nintendo has in getting the hardcore on board again.

fr0sty2497d ago

don't get your head too high up in the clouds... our current net tech doesn't allow for much to be done in the cloud when it comes to aiding in games processing. our internet latency and bandwidth is just not where it needs to be. Even onlive and gaikai only offer 10-12mbps video streams, with a nasty dose of network lag tossed onto the controls.

the future of gaming is in the cloud, but it's not the present. not yet. much like the future of gaming is digital distribution, but we're still playing disc based games.

zebramocha2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Yes,we need more cloud computing to go from this,to this. That took long to find

IcyEyes2497d ago

Most of you don't really have a real clue about this stuff ... :(

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gamer422497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

"I think we are now in exactly the right place to create the best new ideas, but we need to be very bold and ambitious to do so. That’s why I’m so glad I’m at NERD and not anywhere else."

Well these guys certainly seem to have the ambition and creativity to do something great with cloud. I really hope that whatever it's for, it's for the wiiu as well.

adorie2497d ago

"Nintendo hires army of Lakitus to watch over the Cloud" :X

Tong2497d ago

I think it will come to WiiU when its at its mid age. It still early so its not too late to implement it.

Evil_Ryu2497d ago

Oh so when xbox talks about cloud technology its BS but when your beloved nintendo does its jack of all trades

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kirbyu2497d ago

Nintendo European Research & Development team is a subsidiary of Nintendo! I never would've guessed.

2497d ago
imt5582497d ago

Welcome to heaven, Nintendo!:)

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The story is too old to be commented.