Battlefield 4 vs CoD: Ghosts Graphics Comparison, Which One Looks More Realistic?

Last week EA and Activision released brand new screenshots of Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The interesting thing about the screenshots that both were based on a jungle theme and so it was easy for us to compare and check which one looked best among the two.

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Maddens Raiders2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Just tell me which one my Mom, sisters, and my girlfriend's sorority sisters aren't playing and I'll tell you which one looks better.


Starbucks_Fan2503d ago

What's up with the disagrees?

ShinMaster2503d ago

Why? Because next-gen fish AI. That's why!


HammadTheBeast2503d ago

Lets see....

2013 Frostbite 3


2007 Quake 3 Modified.

Take your pick.

By the way, even in CG, the textures in CoD's engine rendered terribly.

AliTheSnake12503d ago

Frostbite 3 is an upgraded Frostbite 2

claudionmc2503d ago

uhh sorry, is an upgraded 2011 tech...

We are talking about 2007 dude... 2007!!! In a 2013-2014 game!

Oh, yes, and a fucking dog

ABizzel12503d ago

Once again an unfair comparison. BF4 is running on a top end gaming PC, and we have no clue what COD was running on. That being said BF4 proved it was in game (gameplay), and COD had so many clips and cuts that I would say most of it was in-engine (brief cutscenes in-game that are often used for downtime and maximize graphics) and BF4 still looked better, and honestly I don't think it'll matter even when both are running on consoles.

That being said COD has a serious advantage. Unlike BF4 we have hyperrealistic dogs and AI so intelligent that even fish will move away from you when you get close to them.

ssj272503d ago

the fish in cod looks more realistic and it has a advanced AI system..

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OrangePowerz2503d ago

But CoD has high tech fish AI :D

Delt42503d ago

And a dog. A freakin High Definition DOG! ;)

OrangePowerz2503d ago

True the dog, it was the highlight of the Xbone presentation.

AO1JMM2497d ago

A damn motion captured dog


NewEra72503d ago

And dirty finger nails.

Lockon2503d ago

And curvy lines on guns.

FullmetalAlchemist2503d ago

Call of Duty would need a Philosopher's Stone to get near Battlefield's level of realism.

JKelloggs2503d ago

A Philosopher's Stone prolongs life, so we don't need that for CoD, do we?

SecondSon2503d ago

I think we would be better off if we handed over the Philosophers Stone to Voldemort.

abc12332503d ago

When you make a comparison, it usually involves two different games on a similar level. It's pretty clear who the winner is here...

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The story is too old to be commented.