Playstation 4 Will Defeat the Xbox One in the Next Generation

The Sony Playstation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One are finally bringing in the true next generation this holiday season (sorry Wii U). But it's already clear which one you should buy, regardless of whatever games Microsoft decides to show off at E3, if the prices are comparable. It's the PS4.

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Godmars2902500d ago

It might outsell. Not "Defeat".

If anything, given how MS is targeting casuals and cable looking for XBL subscriptions, Xb1 will continue to show a profit.

That beyond the mess up of their presentation should be the concern with the system: its situated so as to "win" while caring less to nothing about games. Letting 3rd parties to all if any work, which would likely be targeted at casuals.

mtorino2500d ago

but why would casuals buy it if they can get the same games on the PS4? There's no benefit of the cable box stuff or anything like that if you're not already using it IMO. It's just added convenience switching from video games. I feel like if you want games you'll go with PS4 and if you don't there's no reason to get the XB1 for anything you can't already do

PSVita2500d ago

Not everyone's going to know what we know about the system until they buy it. My best friend who's an Xbox fan said that for every 1 ps3 there's 3 Xbox 360s and really believed it. :/

Cam9772500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Since it's "all in one" (no it isn't), if Microsoft's track record is anything to go by then an awful lot of these things are going to fail or get the bONEr's RROD counterpart. This is because people will have it on all day.

abzdine2500d ago

PSN free, used games supported, great exclusives and Gaikai! This is why i'm buying PS4!

LOGICWINS2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

So according to you, no one on the planet(save for the families of MS employees) will buy the One to play games over the next five years?

Geez, talk about living in the bubble. Anyone that doesn't believe that both of these consoles will be successful needs to leave this conversation. We're operating under reality, not an alternate universe where every product is Sony branded and Kaz Hirai teaches free yoga classes via Skype to millions across the globe.

The question isn't WHETHER these consoles will succeed, its to what degree. Saleswise, both consoles will be neck and neck like last gen.

MajorLazer2500d ago

I hope MS fix up. This is damaging to gaming as a whole, irregardless of what 'side' you are on

deep_fried_bum_cake2500d ago


There's a lot of ignorant people out there. All you have to do is look around the internet at gaming related articles (though not at gaming sites) and you'll see that the majority of opinions on Playstation products is straight out of 2006.

himdeel2500d ago


See my crystal ball works better than the one used to make this article and it's more accurate.

Muerte24942500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Ha are you kidding me? The masses will buy whatever their friends have. Ps3 and xbox360 are not neck and neck. Ps3 hardware WW are @ 80.4 million and xbox360 77.2 million. 3.2 million difference isn't close at all. Especially considering Microsofts headstart. Hard cores buy your systems at launch not casuals. Most hardcore xbox i hear are talking about making the switch after that obismal reveal. Anyone thinking Xbox one can still be considered a viable gaming system should leave this discussion.

Your name is such a contradiction to some of the things that come out of your mouth.

NewZealander2500d ago

the one reason alone, beyond all other games is halo 5, XBOX ONE has only shown new features so far, with 15 exclusives planned for the first year lets just wait and see.

bring on E3!

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EasilyTheBest2500d ago

The cloud with 300,000 servers will make the difference. Oh and Microsofts money is the other.

NameRemoved00172500d ago

You are aware they could of gotten 300000 really shitty servers running low power arm cpus.

MysticStrummer2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Virtual servers. Developers know the difference. Compare developer response to PS4 with their response to One. You think developers don't know about the magic cloud?

Compare the types of memory in each console and what they're good at.

Compare the amount of memory taken up by the OS in each console.

Now add in the need to be connected online, at least periodically. That automatically counts out many people who bought 360s and many who didn't.

Now add in the fact that One won't function without Kinect.

Advantage : PS4

That's not even taking into account MS's used game policy. Sony already said PS4 never has to be online and they won't block used games, so whatever MS is doing it's not even possible for Sony to copy it.

You're left with MS's money. If the past is any indication, that will go mainly for advertising and buying timed exclusive content.

EDIT - I forgot to mention PS4's other spec advantages, but there's that.

Gildarts2500d ago

What? Microsoft now has more first-party devs then Nintendo or Sony.they spend a Billion dollars investing in nextgen games.Why would they let that go to waste now? xD you must be delusional.

Also 8 out of the 15 exclusive games are already uncovered and none of them is casual.

MariaHelFutura2500d ago

A Billion invested in games to Microsoft translates to... 800 million on marketing and 200 million to actual games.

NewEra72500d ago

None of them are casual and the system goes one and one with the Kinect ? Hahahah.

Dat Logic.

S2Killinit2500d ago

more first party devs? MS? lol your funny guy

stuna12500d ago

But there's nothing to say the others aren't!?

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2500d ago
NS2500d ago

I do wonder though is the casuals will flock to the x1.

Casuals always flock to what is easy and cheap.

The X1 with it's multiple functions does not sound cheap nor easy.

Lets take Nintendo wii and mobile gaming for example.

The wii is cheap, fun and easy for anyone to play. People that were afraid of the remote and think it is too hard flocked to the wii.

With mobile gaming the introduction of touch screen gaming open gaming to even really young and very old gamers.

We will see how it goes but the X1 might actually be harder to sell to the casuals than say the Wii U.

Godmars2902500d ago

Its not that they'd "flock" to it for games, but any subsidized deals from cable companies MS can "manage".

Ju2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Why would cable companies subsidize one, though? You'll still need a cable box. That one has no tuner. And then you have that IR blaster setup you need to use...Now you have two? And One has no DVR either. How'd you record the shows? If it's just one box. Bye the looks of it, it ain't be one.

Godmars2902500d ago

Because they're in as much if not more need of a hook for customers than MS. Though MS might be planning to circumvent them point - Xbox Two? - right now they can offer the cable companies a gimmick that could bring in subscribers. Maybe bring back ones who left via Roku-like devices.

MRMagoo1232500d ago

"Casuals always flock to what is easy and cheap."

The xbone wont be cheap i am guessing it will cost more than the ps4.

mediate-this2500d ago

X1 will sell, your getting console with the Kinect in the box, makes people believe that they don't need to buy new xbox1 and brand new connect separate. xbox1 will always have their followers.

I think it will be a close race between ps4 and xbox1 coming down to preference

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ZombieKiller2500d ago

well DUH 4 is greater than one!

I don't know if it will be Sony that defeats them, but more along the lines of outselling them. Fine by me, Microsoft dug their own grave on that one!

I was expecting to be wowed at the MS conference. air was wowed alright but not in a good way. That cable box their selling looks mehhh......

mediate-this2500d ago

You should make your judgement at E3, the games expo. Micro revealed their console, showed the box, showed the controller and explained some of the box1 capabilities.

If they drop E3 then I say there is a time for worry.

Ultimately box1 is a games machine

ZombieKiller2497d ago

I talked to a few of my customers who are 360 fans and a lot said that they were jumping ship from the 360 going over to PlayStation after that confrence. I'm making my judgment now due to the already existing and useless $50 a yr subscription. They're just adding reasons to charge people with live TV and shit all the meanwhile losing sight of what's important. Sony is still about the games and so am I. I'll buy an Xbox one when I feel it deserves my hard earned money. Until then, I'm pro PlayStation all the way as I always have been.

rainslacker2500d ago

I actually agree with God on this, although for different reasons. For the time being there is no way to tell how the Xbox will sell, because we haven't seen enough to know what MS will do with it in terms of marketing and target audience for that marketing.

I have yet to see much said about this among the causal base(although I don't visit places that cater to the casual gamer), and the mainstream media isn't reporting anything that isn't corporate least that I've seen.

There are many people who will buy the Xbox based on their impressions of the 360, and will be completely oblivious to all the stuff that is going on. Then of course those diehard fan boys who would buy a broken toaster for $500 if MS etched a Xbox logo on it.

It appears that for the time being that it's probably going to affect their hardcore base, but long term, the hardcore base isn't where the console sales come from. Most of the hardcore sales are in the first 12-18 months. After that you get moderates, then the casuals. If you think this is wrong, then just look at the way MS targeted the different parts of their generation. Started off almost entirely hardcore, moved into a more mainstream focus including hardcore, then moved to all mainstream/small nods to the hardcore/heavy casual.

There are still way too many unknown factors that have nothing to do with the issues we're discussing...such as price point, actual release date(even the PS4 release date and price plays a part), amount or type of games(again their competitors offerings play a part), and the type of overall press it's going to get between now and launch.

redcar1212500d ago

hope sony charge for the new psn watch all you fanboys cry im sure they will charge all that new stuff cant be free

NextGen24Gamer2499d ago

I told Sony Fans to calm down and that developers would soon start talking about how Xbox One's ability to use Microsofts 300,000 servers to assist in games! Right on the Box when you purchase your new Xbox One it will say Powered by the Cloud! It's been in Microosfts plan all along. By taking processor heavy computations and doing them in the cloud, it free's up the xbox one hardware! Very smart move by MS and people who don't understand the tech will bash it and say it won't work.

No one is more qualified to say if it will work than developers who have actually done it before with PC games! LOL...

So hate all you want to Sony Fans, I thank Microsoft for truly creating a next gen machine that will improve every year as internet speeds continue to get faster and faster.

For anyone who thinks that Sonys cloud service can do the same! Your wrong. Maybe if Sony invests in expanding their cloud and servers...But they are years behind Microsoft in that department! Sonys service that they purchsed currently has 12 datacenters/servers world wide. LOL...Not even close but good enough if all they do is stream content/games.

"I think [Xbox One and PS4] will be very similar in the end," Blomberg says. "Of course, if we find areas where either platform is particularly strong then we'll take advantage of that. But it's too early to say if our games will look better on any of the two platforms. All I can say is that there's potential for visually stunning games on both platforms."

In the end, it's the games that will matter. Not all the negative talk by a small band of Sony Fans.

I won't deny that xbox 360 owners as a whole were disappointed in the xbox one reveal. But, only because they didn't give them what they wanted to see. GAMES!!!!

But, unlike what many sony fans are trying to say, Us xbox owners will wait and see what the games will look and play like at E3 before we even consider not purchasing the xbox one.

Me personally, I will get both consoles and play the games I want to play as a REAL Gamer! The reason I come across as such a fan of Xbox is because I do the majority of my gaming on xbox live and all of my friends & family game on xbox live. It's a social thing and if the games are Great, we will continue to play on xbox live when xbox one is released!

Its an exciting time to be a gamer, and I feel bad for fanboys who are limited by their $$$'s and can only chose one console and miss out on incredible experiences on the opposing console!

DoesUs2499d ago


Keep the dream alive fella. Interesting all this cloud stuff, yet MS hardly said anything during the conference? No examples? Wonder why....

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jensen862500d ago

wiv how ms have fucked over there core followin i cant see them doin to well n i no a few ppl that have said theyv been converted to sony after all this so ps4 for the win

Kingdom Come2500d ago

Investing a Billion Dollar's on Exclusives? Microsoft have stated time and time again, E3 is where they intend to unveil those games... They've gotten the apps out of the way.

Now, can we all quit being impatient and wait a mere two weeks for E3?!

stuna12500d ago

At this point wouldn't Microsoft be better off trying to clean up the mess they've made for themselves!?

jensen862500d ago

obviously i care about games but its not even the lack of games thats let them down its how little they care about the gamers n how much theyv fucked up by always online drm n banning used games the hole attitude n stand on policy's stinks n i hope it comes back to bite them in the ass n atleast now ill b able to play wiv the rest of my friends that swore by the xbox but now even there gettin ps4s instead n quite rightly so

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