Misplaced Priorities: A Console Unveiling Gone Wrong

Mike Hewitt takes a look at the console launch for the Xbox One and the opinions he feels are unwarranted toward Microsoft and a few missteps he thinks they have made.

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PSVita2501d ago

Ok honestly they didn't do too much wrong at the reveal. They had said before that they were going to focus on entertainment and then show games at E3. With that said there was Zero point to doing it 19 days before E3. They should have just waited unless they were ready to show something that could compete with the psmeeting.

Anthotis2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Yeah. It went swimmingly didn't it? Not too much wrong at all.

It's not like the Xbone is a laughing stock or anything...

2500d ago
KillrateOmega2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

MS Guy #1: Hey guys, what should we do with our Xbox One - great name btw - reveal where we'll be setting the tone for the One? Keep in mind that the audience attending/watching will largely be core gamers. Also, we'll have the media's undivided attention, so let's not waste that. Any ideas?




MS Guy #1: ...Mother of God. You guys are geniuses! It's like you're talking about rocket science!

ltachiUchiha2501d ago

Yup instead of waiting for e3, they shot themselves in the foot.

Aberaham2500d ago

Can't say they shot themselves in the foot when they are already breaking pre-order records.

a_squirrel2501d ago

No one has such spectacular face-plants like Mircosoft. I mean, Windows 8 isn't bad (I use it and Ubuntu, I should know) and it hasn't been doing bad in sales, but maaaaan the hate is just ridiculous, and then they point the finger, making them seem like idiots.

SpinalRemains2501d ago

I like W8, and I love WP8. Its what their gaming division is doing that hurts us.

Smootherkuzz2501d ago

Reveal not bad they did what they set out to do.What alot of people want now is the Manual to answer to questions that were not revealed. The version of Xbox is very complexed to the user with all the added features and what about the ones coming later on wow! Video gaming consoles do so much more now love it or hate it. I love it can't wait to get my game on.

Anon19742500d ago

The reveal itself isn't really what everyone is concerned about, but if we look at the was handled pretty badly. If we're just talking about the reveal and the reveal alone, I think Microsoft badly misjudged their audience. It's not home theatre enthusiasts and people who're looking for a cable box attachment who were watching the reveal.

The people who tuned into the reveal were gamers and the game media. They're the people who put the Xbox where it is today and they had one expectation. Games! That's all they cared about. Everything else is window dressing, but games are what people were tuning in to see and what they received was a bunch of pre-rendered CGI stuff for mostly multi-console games.

If this presentation had gone down at CES or something more tech orientated, you could see them getting away with what was shown. That's not the case though. The people tuning in were the rabid gamers, and they left just as ravenous as when they went in. And that's when the drm/internet/always on/kinect required/UsedGameFees nonsense hit.

The only way it could have gone worse is if the system spontaneously caught on fire on stage.