Editorial: Why the PS4 is 50% More Powerful Than Xbox One

SonyRumors: 'While there's been plenty of articles that point to the PlayStation 4 being more powerful than the Xbox One, we decided to go through the numbers and show you the math and explain why the PS4 is 50% more powerful than the Xbox One.'

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ZodTheRipper2509d ago

Plus the advantage that Sony's first party studios will bring. I'm also expecting that this gen PS4 will be choosen as the lead platform by most multiplatform devs.

Maddens Raiders2509d ago

"In the end, it’s simple to see why the PS4 is 50% more powerful than Xbox One. With more raw shader performance (768 SPs @ 800MHz vs. 1152 SPs & 800MHz) and faster RAM bandwidth (1.84 TFLOPs vs. 1.23 TFLOPs), the PS4 outclasses Xbox One in every way possible and no conversation of PowerPC vs. Cell processor is needed this time around."


Count2509d ago

''the PS4 outclasses Xbox One in every way possible''

Wow. Isn't he generous?

M1chl2509d ago

What is this??
"RAM bandwidth (1.84 TFLOPs vs. 1.23 TFLOPs)"

Bandwidth is now in FLOPs?? I can believe my eyes...

2509d ago
RiPPn2509d ago

If Sony continues not riddling their dash with ads, and doesn't put put paywalls on every facet of the system, then yes they will definitely outclass Microsoft.


A Sony site which doesn't know the real truth. People should investigate more before posting articles. I'll refrer him to my comment:

JP13692509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

The RAM bandwith for PS4's GDDR5 is 176GB/s while the One's DDR3 is 68.3 (how much the eSRAM affects this is unknown). The figures of 1.84 TFLOPS and 1.23 TFLOPS pertain to GPU performance. The author got the figures right on the comparison graph he made, must have just suffered from a bit of brain fade toward the end of the article.

iloveallgames2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Now compare it to a $220 7870 that was released last year:
GPU Cores: 1600 @ 975Mhz
Peak Shader Throughput: 3.00 TFLOPS
System Memory Bandwidth: 192 GB/s

vs ps4:
GPU cores: 1152 @ 800Mhz
Peak Shader Throughput: 1.84 TFLOPS
System Memory Bandwidth: 176 GB/s

7870 has 63% more power and it is only a midrange card from last year, not even overclocked.

guitarded772509d ago

Oh, stop with the PC trumps all BS. PC is clearly an open hardware system, so it can always have more power. But consoles use their given power more efficiently because they have streamlined and optimized OS which doesn't require as many resources. Also, games are optimized for the platform. Even if you have some insane rig, you will only see marginal differences because games are developed to perform well on mid range systems.

jrbeerman112508d ago


Thank you, i cannot stress enough how important the difference between open and closed platforms is.

Huge difference between making a game for 1 system as opposed to the millions of combinations present in pc gaming.

Get me a pc equal to 360 (xbox360 easier to compare than ps3) specs and compare game performance

slapedurmomsace2508d ago

@skarlett, you sound like a government official talking about terrorist. lol.

iloveallgames2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

@ Guitarded
Oh please, sure having a single hardware configuration gives consoles a slight advantage for optimization but optimization doesn't create processing power, consoles still have a finite amount of it and no optimization will change that ever.
This generation Sony said they are pushing for a single display at 1080p 60fps meanwhile in the pc world, a single card has been able to push SIX 1080p displays at once since 2010 on a single card like the 5870.

guitarded772508d ago

@ iloveallgames

Did you care to read my comment? I said nothing about consoles having infinite power... I said PC's have the advantage to always be more powerful as an open platform. You need to learn to read before running your mouth.

I stand by my previous statement 100%. When people look at the specs of a console, they can't look at them exactly the same as a PC, because consoles don't have as hungry of an operating system. And at the end of the day, the best current PC rig will see only marginal differences because the developers aren't focusing in on the ultra high end PC market. They want their games played as many places as possible, so mid grade optimization is the focus.

blackmagic2508d ago

@ guitarded77
You talk about how "consoles use their given power more efficiently because they have streamlined and optimized OS which doesn't require as many resources" but you don't talk about how the weaknesses of the PS4 totally offset any gain achieved. The ps4's cpu which was originally developed for kiosks, tablets and entry level laptops with 0.5MB per core of cache is a very weak processor. The ps4's gpu and cpu also have to share the middling 176 GB/s of bandwidth and the speed of the hard drive, likely only a 500GB 5400rpm laptop drive, is underwhelming. And the performance of the GPU, 1.84 TFLOPS, is at the bottom range of what any PC gamer would even consider today let alone by the end of the year.

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CryofSilence2509d ago

Author forgot to account for the Xbox's eSRAM, which brings the memory bandwidth up much higher. It's still weaker than the PS4 in nearly every regard.

zebramocha2509d ago

Going by gaf,the 200GBs bandwidth is bs and you can't add ram like that.

claudionmc2509d ago

32mb of eSRAM (eSRAM that microsoft didn't announce) is as BS as 300.000 virtual servers

CryofSilence2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I never said those numbers. The numbers I was thinking of, but didn't quote, were from Anandtech, people who actually dissected a unit: 68.3 GB/s for the DDR3 and 102 GB/s for the eSRAM. Keep in mind that these probably are not necessarily additive, but they will contribute. When I said the Xbox is weaker than the PS4 in nearly every regard, the memory was included in that; we just don't know specifics about the CPUs yet as they are both supposedly on the same architecture with unspecified clock speeds.

GoldPunch-TR2509d ago

I agree with you totally!

Iceman_Nightmare2509d ago

absolutely, not to mention the PC architecture the PlayStation 4 has... this means its easier for the developers to make games for the PlayStation 4, unlike how it was with the PlayStation 3. This gen seems very bright for SONY. How both Nintendo and Microsoft screw up with their consoles. Nintendo is now upgrading to HD very late in the console generation, and Microsoft is focusing on everything BUT NOT GAMES.

GraveLord2509d ago

Yup. They'd be crazy not to.

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minimur122509d ago

Why the ps4 is more powerful than the Xbox one

because it has better hardware

article done.

minimur122509d ago

8 people are Xbox fanboys.

minimur122508d ago

This made my day, and I just woke up! thanks

I juist choked with laughter xD

dcbronco2509d ago

Ahh, BS. There are also rumors that say the Xbox has a GPU design that makes it 90% efficient and as much as 100%. While the PS4 GPU is said to be less than 60%. That closes that gap considerably. There is also more latency in GDDR5 than DDR3. The Xbox has move engines that some say make up for some of the bandwidth difference. There are rumors that the Xbox design makes the RAM itself much more efficient. There are a bunch of rumors about a lot of things. Let's just wait to see what is true and what isn't. I have a feeling that they are about even. Remember, a lot of the developers that say the PS4 is more powerful are the same ones that made poor ports on the PS3 that were called lazy by everyone including this author. So let's wait to see if talented developers can get a lot more out of the Xboxes parts then they first appear capable of.

sjaakiejj2509d ago

Yeah, I also love it when people throw around numbers without having a clue what they're talking about.

Just a quick note... GPU efficiency is a statistic generally used to measure wattage vs. performance.

kneon2509d ago

Both GPUs come from AMD and are going to be the same sort of architecture. The only differences will be in the number of various sub-components and the clock frequency.

mirumu2509d ago

There's also the memory interface which is a big deal, and the two consoles are quite different in that regard.

kneon2509d ago

I left that out as the memory aspect is clearly in the PS4's favor so there isn't much to debate there.

dcbronco2509d ago

Both companies are making modifications to the GPUs. MS added ESRAM and added the move engines. I'm sure Sony has done some things too. Neither GPU according to the specs fits exactly in with anything AMD sells.

kneon2509d ago

But they are based off the same architecture, they won't be radically different. Microsoft added the esram to try and make up for the slow ddr3 ram.

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grassyknoll2509d ago

They're both based on the same chipset, but Microsoft use EDRAM & move engines. Sony gambled that it could get 512 RAM chips & it paid off. Xbox One uses 10% of its chip for its OS, Sony has better software & has released the source code. PlayStation 4 is superior based on current specs. No question.

dcbronco2509d ago

Knoll the assumption or rumors that Sony has a better OS was based on early versions of MSs OS. It is said to have gotten better with each version. I think when it comes time to release their respective machines, there is no way Sony will come close to competing on the OS. As much as people want to hate MS, they have only gotten better at making OSs.

Davekaos there have been so many rumors of so many things. I don't think anybody has the facts on either console outside of the inner circles within the companies. For AMD to come out and say the APU in the PS4 is the most powerful they have ever made(hype or not) considering these are mobile parts means they are heavily modified. And considering MS was allowed to use some of the tech Sony paid to develop this gen both companies were probably far more careful about what the other was allowed to see from their design and what was available to AMD for use elsewhere. These machines will have very different approaches with Sony looking more to a PC brute force direction and MS looking to finesse their way through. But people that watch the PC world know that the brute force method is at it's end. Which is why I question Sony's direction.

At the same time I know they lacked the funding for the finesse route while MS would rather finesse to reduce cost in the future. The plan to combine their CPU and GPU in the 360 was said to be in their plans from before the launch of the 360. So that might explain the rumors of them using a "lesser" GPU because it was cheaper and they knew they would use the Cloud to make up the difference and then push ahead as their infrastructure got stronger.

kneon2509d ago

Here are some facts for you. Kinect plus the TV related bits cost money.

So either the Xb1 will cost more than the PS4 or they had to go for a cheaper CPU and/or GPU which is what all the rumors have been saying all along. And so far those early rumors have been shown to be very accurate.

davekaos2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

There are a lot of rumors surrounding XBone for example a massive rumor prior to the reveal was that the XBone will have a massive 12Gb of GDDR5.

We all know how that played out.



Plus the rumors were flying all over twitter

IcicleTrepan2509d ago

I've seen a lot of rumors but I have never seen that one.

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Corpser2509d ago

This guy knows the clock frequencies of the gpu and memery when neither ms and Sony have revealed their numbers?

SlavisH22509d ago

this is what im talking about. there are so many articles comparing unknown details. While fanboys jump on it like flies on $h!t. I want a comparison with offical numbers. I could care less the end result but i dont want rumored specs. I guess i'll wait for e3 :(

thebigman2509d ago

MS let it slip during the post reveal tech roundtable

pixelsword2509d ago

probably from this guy:

I don't know where the 360 numbers are coming from, though.

jcnba282509d ago

Coming from lol

Enemy2509d ago

The specs are already out and compared. Source is irrelevant.

famoussasjohn2509d ago

Specs have been revealed yes. A run down of each component and what they are clocked in at, no. Source is relevant if it's from some random dude and not the actual manufacturer.

jrbeerman112508d ago

Enemy works for fox news apparently