How Xbox One will change advertising

The new Xbox One video game console promises to be a revolution in home entertainment when it launches, but I predict a bigger revolution following the launch.

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Maddens Raiders2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

"Microsoft did not mention any of this during their Xbox One debut, but it doesn’t take a futurist to see where it’s going. Assuming we can past the privacy issues that some of these ideas will raise, this is going to be big. The time is now for all of us in marketing and advertising to start planning for this exciting interactive sell. I’ll wager that the ideas marketers come up with to take advantage will be as exciting as the technology itself."

Wow... listening to this guy getting his undies wet over the "potential of Big Brother" to hear your heartbeat, map your face, and tell your gender in order to sell you more crap is scary, scary, scary...! This isn't about games anymore in case anyone was wondering. XBOXONE customers are the gullible objects, that will be used to test all of this crap on. EveryXBOXONE sold is a hit against gaming, and a push toward the New World Order. Stop it before it begins.

Wake up.

Count2498d ago

Why am I not surprised that you believe in the New World Order.

fr0sty2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Obviously both George Bush Sr. and Joe Biden believe in it also, being that both of them have expressed a desire to introduce it soon on video.

JokesOnYou2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

lol, Madden I mean I've always thought you were full of **** but just now I realize you really do believe what you're saying, now that's scary.

OK, sit down I'll tell you a secret but try not to panic...Like it or not the government and a lot of corporations have access to basic info like gender, race, location, occupation, buying habits, marital status and plenty of other general information about you that YOU never gave them. For the most part it just because that info compiled in mass helps then to target the right consumers/sales trends= ADVERTISING & MARKETING etc, now I'm NOT naïve enough to believe its never been used innapropriately or for nefarious reasons but guess what YOU, ME the individual are hardly a target of some "spying conspiracy" plot to take over the world, bro just relax I mean unless you are some secret agent/top government official/terrorist etc I doubt Microsoft are feeding the FBI Maddens Raiders bank account info so they can freeze all your assets just before they raid your basement= lol, YOU are not that important.

Retroman2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

@ count

why don't you know about NEW WORLD ODER is beyond me. it is on the printed dollar bill in latin.
it is mention in almost every movie in some form or fashion. have u not heard of illuminati???

fr0sty2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

@jokes on you, tell that to the kid who had the FBI show up at his house over posting a pro Ron Paul youtube video clip during the elections, or the various constitutionalist and tea party organizations that were targeted by the IRS for having words like "liberty" or "constitution" in their names. Or the Iraq war vet that was dragged out of his home by police and arrested illegally with no charges filed just for posting about a revolution taking place in this country on Facebook.

Keep those blindfolds on nice and snug. Don't worry about them, you're not important enough, right?

JokesOnYou2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

frosty are you serious there are about 350+ million people in the US of course some have been targeted, never did I say that there arent examples of people having their privacy/ rights violated, in fact I admitted it right there in my above post, however Im not going to bother with your links (dont know anyhting about those cases) because true or not its irrevelant to the point here which is unless you are some important government official or have some social ties to a political or foreign government, high profile govt exec, questionable busines dealings etc there isnt much the govt or micro want to spy on you for...YOU as 1 individual are not important, lol do yo guys actually think anybody really wants to see you necked eating McDonald's or hear your plans for getting a tattoo, lol oh Im sorry frosty they must know you're the ring leader of some master plan for world domination.

Seriously if this scares you then you better move to China and become a Monk.

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NS2498d ago

Dude you still have your account and 1 bubble lol!.

Its Cmrbe here. Lost my old account.

SNACK_SHARK_TROLL2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Agreed @Madden

I guess one can only ask the question:

Microsoft, is it true that you are with the Skull & Xbones?

Then their reaction might trigger this:

aceitman2498d ago

yes xbox one will change advertising forever , they will show how to spend 500,000 million on advertising and not sell there product enough to servive next gen. and no im not a fan boy and im not going to be sucked into bs from buy for me looks like ill be happy with my wii u for Nintendo games and ps4 for sony and multi platform games .

harkki862498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

why can't systems just be about games anymore? that's one thing i liked about the wii (okay, it had its shortfalls) but at least it was a game console first and foremost.

i havent owned an xbox in years because microsoft is not interested in contributing anything to gaming. buy a game company? oh sure. pay for something to be exclusive (temporarily)? oh sure. but what new stuff does microsoft bring to the gaming table? ive been a gamer for a while now and i can't think of anything

T22498d ago

They can be as excited as they want about advertising but firstly I dont buy useless sht off of ads , and lastly I will not ever have a stupid fn camera in my house feeding me ads ... If I wanted that id buy Google glass and go full douche

ApolloTheBoss2498d ago

Bilderberg 2013 is all I've gotta say and I'll bet someone from Microsoft's gonna be there. Don't fear the truth. Embrace it and make a difference.

ShwankyShpanky2498d ago

Craig Mundie, Chief Research Officer at MS, is on the Bilderberg steering committee, and Gates has attended in person.

ShwankyShpanky2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

My mistake... Mundie's no longer CRO... now he's a "senior advisor" to Balmer.

"[Mundie] called for a "driver's license" for internet users.

"If you want to drive a car you have to have a license to say that you are capable of driving a car, the car has to pass a test to say it is fit to drive and you have to have insurance."

UNGR2498d ago

I see Alex Jones made an N4G account.

TwistedMetal2498d ago

nothing ms does on the xbox one matters because no one will buy one to see anything. ps4 is the new king my friend and you gonna join us and deal with it or you gonna look like a fool with your pants on the ground like them myspace folks who thought they were always gonna be relevant and on top. i remeber when i had facebook when it first came out because it was for college people only. i told my friends hey this facebook is the awesomen sauce dude. join this much better then myspace and they were like the few remaining xbox fanboys rigght now saying nah i like mypace. a year later myspace dead and everyones on facebook. the moral of the story is jump on the ps4 stop resisting. you will save more money if you go quietly.

Klonopin2498d ago

Glenn Beck is that you?

HurtfulTimez2498d ago

The NWO and Illuminati are real and youve got to be one dumb blind fuck to think they are not.

a man in the uk even won a court battle on the evidence of news reports being reported about WT7 building collapsing - even though the building was still stood in the background as it was being reported, meaning they must of KNEW it was going to get blown up at some point...

OT - fuck this piece of spying hardware i was keeping my options open about x1 now they can go do one.

nukeitall2498d ago

I think the scenarios are interesting. Often times I see something advertised and I'm curious. Usually I make informed purchases and rarely impulse, but ability to get important information on the spot is nice.

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PSVita2498d ago

I'd rather use a remote.

KillrateOmega2498d ago

I cannot believe that this idiot is actually trying to justify Kinect; the same device that will be recording your voice, watching you, listening to your heartbeat, uploading a 3D map of your living room, and possibly utilizing facial recognition software; by saying that it will make it easier to push more accurate advertisements right into your face.

Seriously, what is wrong with people? Are they really that far gone that they don't even care that some corporation somewhere will be recording you and uploading their gathered data to their servers? What if they sell that information off to someone? What if their servers get hacked?

I hate people...

Count2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

You live in a bubble. Corporations already do that! They have a database on you. Cookies track you. Google knows what you search.

There's so much shit that you don't know that you live with.

It's amusing to me that you think a lot of this stuff is brand new.

What if your ISP sells your information? What if somebody hacks Police database and gets your records?

Your date of birth. Location. Occupation. etc etc. all out in the open. For the proverbial guy you don't even know to interest himself on.

This risk has always existed. And we've always been taking this risk. Sometimes you just need to take it. Otherwise. Why are you on the Internet? Why do you use Google?

Stop being so damn paranoid. Nobody seriously cares about you.

KillrateOmega2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Oh, yes. The whole 'people have already been exposed to Big Bro devices, so more of them is completely dandy' argument.

"There's so much shit that you don't know that you live with.
It's amusing to me that you think a lot of this stuff is brand new."

Oh, I know about it. How could I not? However, that does not mean I have to like it. And excuse me for not happily surrendering my privacy at every turn.

Finally, please take your condescending tone and shove it up your, what I'm sure is a, well-fisted ass. Thank you.

Rusty5152498d ago

@KillrateOmega: "Finally, please take your condescending tone and shove it up your, what I'm sure is a, well- fisted ass. Thank you"

Dude...You just owned him so hard.

MysticStrummer2498d ago

"Oh, yes. The whole 'people have already been exposed to Big Bro devices, so more of them is completely dandy' argument."

...and he seems to think he's making a compelling argument. smh

Count2498d ago

You don't even understand after I've explained it to you. There are no big brother devices. This isn't 1984. Stop acting like it.

You know? But you don't have a problem with any of that shit. Now suddenly you have a problem.

You use your Internet. You use Google. You continue to. You don't bitch about what they do. You don't care.

It's easy to see what you are. You're some anti-Microsoft croney and that's about it.

Don't act as if you care about privacy or rights or whatever. You don't do anything about it and you're not going to either.

You're a joke.

I'm sick of people like you.

Hicken2498d ago

Your argument falls apart because this laptop I'm on doesn't NEED to be connected to the internet at ANY TIME EVER in order to work. In fact, AT&T messed up the internet in my area last week for about four days. My laptop STILL worked. So did my PS3, my Vita, even my cellphone. They all functioned perfectly fine offline.

Something the XBOne will not be able to do for any extended period of time.

That's the first problem.

Second is that Kinect is always on. Even in standby mode, it's listening, and COULD BE watching; it NEEDS to do the former constantly, so that it can go active when you give it the voice command to do so. If all this about needing facial recognition to verify your identity for games- and perhaps charging per person for video- is true, it's extremely restricting.

Now, let's combine these two things: a camera and microphone that are always on and necessary to operate a console that requires AT LEAST periodic connection to the internet in order to be used fully.

Oh, and let's not forget the company behind it all has already gotten in trouble for using another audio/video service to eavesdrop on its users.

"Sometimes you need to just take it."

No, sometimes you need to just stand up for yourself.

Your attitude about all this is incredibly naive.

AtomicGerbil2498d ago

Amazing!!! So just because other corporations do it (who I might add are constantly under investigation) you are absolutely fine with it and welcome it from Microsoft? (Who have been caught before.) If the consumer can stand up and refuse to accept this kind of practice with the Xbox One it sends a clear message that it won't be tolerated anymore from anybody. You are never going to stop the government from collecting information but you can make it harder for anybody else.

There is more than just data gathering that is a problem with Xbox One, multiple restrictive policies for example is bad enough on it's own.

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Evil_Ryu2498d ago

do you cover up your webcam on your laptop also?

FITgamer2498d ago

lol its funny you say that cause i've made covers for mine for years.

HammadTheBeast2498d ago

Well, his laptop works when its off

Gohadouken2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Why ? do you have to connect your laptop everyday for that BS argument to even mean something ?

And why are you people acting as if past transgressions to privacy , imaginary or otherwise , are an good argument in favor of new ones ?

Is that the much fabled Chewbacca defense ?

T22498d ago

I choose not to have a webcam just as I choose to install antivirus, adwatch, and antispyware on my laptop. Does ms offer you that choice ? Point is we dont know yet so in other words im not buying xbone till I can opt out of all of the above

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ltachiUchiha2498d ago

Sum ppl love being brainwashed. Feel bad for that bunch. One day u will open your eyez & find out just how much u got suckered by the corporation u love so much. Smh.

urwifeminder2498d ago

Cool I hope its not like n4g and takes you away from the action.

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