The Future of The Games Industry Hinges On Sony

Hardcore Gamer: Sony has made a strong case for their platform, but if they’re unable to deliver at E3 this year, the industry will never be the same and there’s an increasing chance that we’re headed for another video game crash.

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FrigidDARKNESS2505d ago

Again the future of the game industry does not revolve around Sony.
Third party developers wants the no used games a deal that Sony and Ms has already agreed to. All these on line ppetitions wont do a damn thing there will be no used games on the ps4 so get use to it.

MariaHelFutura2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Or if the console makers and consumers don't agree and don't submit, no 3rd party games will be sold at all and publishers will quickly fold cause their main objective is $$$, which they should be allowed to make... but NOT get carried away w/ it. Sometimes in life, there comes a time when people need to take the power back and take control. With big companies like these things can get out of control quickly. Look no further, then bankers and the economy.

extermin8or2505d ago

The online passes give the devs and publishers a fair cut of used games anyway as far as im concerned and should cover the server cost for a player anyway- so I personally don't think used games should be totally blocked- although as I just don't buy used games it's not something that will persinally stop me getting a console-atm the kinect always on, stupid TV focus (revealing that when MS consider the hardcore market to not b giving them the main income they'll ramp down the exclusives and any new IP's like they did this gen etc is what turns me off the xbox.

amiga-man2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

xbox owners willing to pay for online set a really dangerous precedent, I am not in the least bit surprised that M$ would see it as a green light to make more charges with DRM.

if Sony implements their own DRM the blame will be the xbox owners defending this crap, one thing I do know Sony had better keep putting gamers first or I will abandon their console too.

luckily I have more faith in them than M$ to make the right decision.

Muerte24942504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

proof that Sony doesn't plan on DRM like Microsoft wants you to believe.

Joystiq interview with Yoshida, on Sony and always online

"Did we consider it? No, we didn't consider it," Yoshida said. "The main reason being that many countries don't have robust Internet connections. It makes sense for people to have Internet connections to play online games, but for offline games there are many countries that we saw [that] do not really have robust Internet."

Yoshida with Eurogamer on being connected

Shuhei Yoshida:Oh yes, yes, you can go offline totally. Social is big for us, but we understand there are some people who are anti-social! So if you don't want to connect to anyone else, you can do that.

Microsoft is forcing this with any game that is on the XBox:ONE. Sony on the other had, is leaving up to the individual publisher/developer. Sony is doing what they've always done, offering developers and consumers a choice.

SpinalRemains2505d ago

You're just wrong frigidDarness.

You want MS to take food off your table or something, but we do not.

duli142505d ago

you might want to bend over and take it from MS but we don't

Maddens Raiders2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )


as it has circa 1995. Tell me something new.


edit:/ @frigidDarkness - I threw one of these to ya the other day. You seem to have a knack for getting these thrown your way... smh

SexyGamerDude2505d ago

"There won't be no used games on the PS4."

Actually, there will be used games on the PS4. Yoshida has confirmed it. You are severely misinformed.

The concerns are about if it will charge you a used game fee or not.

fattyuk2505d ago Show
MysticStrummer2505d ago

The future of the games industry hinges on how many people allow MS to get away with what they're trying to pull by buying a Neo (The One).

@Frigid - "there will be no used games on the ps4 so get use to it."

Keep telling yourself that. PS4 never has to be online and Sony has said it won't block used games, so it's not even possible for them to copy MS's used game system.

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joeyisback2505d ago

Hopefully Microsoft is gone out of the gaming business soon gamer's just need Nintendo and PlayStation

OrangePowerz2505d ago

They are on their way to move into the cable business so no worry :)

I wish we could get Sega back, I always enjoyed playing on their consoles and they tried to push technology. The GameGear was far ahead of the GameBoy hardware wise and unfortunately also regarding how many batteries it needed.

Belking2505d ago

You need to wake up from that MS has the money to buy both sony and Nintendo. If anyone leaves we know who that will be. Here is a hint: It's the one that been in the red for years, laid off thousands of workers, replaced their CEO, and sold off assets. MS will always be ok as long as computers are around. Sony really doesn't have much to fall back on.

Hicken2504d ago

... so you think that Microsoft's investors will just allow them to pour in money to an industry that they're failing miserably in? You think Microsoft will take ALL the money they make from, say, Windows, and dump it into gaming, whether it's profitable or not?

And you say someone else is dreaming.

I don't know why I still bother responding to people like you and Jek. Your delusions are so outrageous I can't help but think you're trolling and that you're actually far more sane than you portray yourself as.

I mean, you list off all these things Sony has done recently as if they signal the end of the company, as if no company has ever done the same things and turned around whatever misfortune that befell them. To you, these signs of restructuring are a death knell, though anybody with a thimbleful of business sense sees them as practical, sensible moves.

But I know you don't really believe your BS, any more than Jek or LOGIC or MikeMyers believe theirs.

You're just doing it for the attention. And that's okay, I guess. We all need a little attention, sometimes.

I'd strongly suggest a girlfriend or something, though.

rainslacker2504d ago

MS is also facing huge competition and changing consumer trends within almost all it's departments. So even if computers are around, it doesn't mean that they can't fail if they can't adapt.

People aren't buying PC's as much anymore and Apple PC's are more desirable now.

Tablets are replacing the PC, and MS has had trouble getting a strong presence in this market which is controlled mostly by Apple and Google.

It's server division is facing heavy competition as well.

MS has layed-off thousands of workers at several points in it's history. Go Google it.

MS has gone through and even fired CEO's since they introduced the Xbox

MS is always selling off assets and technologies. That's what businesses do.

Sony has many many divisions to fall back on. Music, entertainment, PlayStation, Finance, Silicon fabrication, etc. They are more diverse than MS is. Some of that diversity has caused them to now have trouble, as some of their key markets were causing them to bleed money. It's also the reason there is talk about splitting up the company.

I love how you think MS is so successful in the gaming industry(which they are for gamers this gen for the most part). But trust me, if MS were bleeding money, their games division would be one of the first to go when the stockholders call for blood. It is one of the lowest performing sectors of their business. In fact, back in January, there were some financial analyst questioning if MS would sell off the Xbox brand due to it declining year over year. In 2009, some analyst believed when MS was doing cuts, the Xbox might be one of those cuts. You may say "yeah whatever" to those analysts, but they saw it that way because Xbox was not performing as well as the rest of MS.

caseh2505d ago

I wouldn't hinge any bets on Nintendo, they've clearly lost the plot. I'm placing my bets with Sony but they are just as capable of making bad decisions.

I think Pachter may have been right, this may be the last generation of consoles that can even be identified under that definition.

MysticStrummer2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

MS already left the gaming business. They're in the US oriented, remoteless, online required, multi-media box business. Everything about Neo's design and reveal says that gaming is a secondary function.

Like Molyneux said, MS isn't competing with Sony and Nintendo anymore.

Belking2504d ago

"MS isn't competing with Sony and Nintendo anymore."

. MS is more worried about Apple and Google simply because Sony isn't a big threat anymore. Samsung and others have totally killed them in every other market.

MysticStrummer2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

MS is doing this because they spent massive amounts of money on marketing and infrastructure for 360, not to mention timed exclusive content, and yet came in third once again. They saw it coming, just like everyone else who was paying attention, so several years ago they decided to go in a different direction with their next "console". The result is the One.

THEDON82z12505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Agreed I personally hope this is Microsoft last console. I really think that Microsoft saved Nintendo A$$ and gave them a real shot to come in second place now.As for the console business as a whole its all on SONY to push this industry forward.I don't like the fact that Microsoft is actually trying to change the root of what this business is about and that will be there failure(always looking to nickel and dime customers),I hope they fail hard and leave this business for good. While I am a Sony man I wish we had Sega back at least we could get some honest competition not bunch of bullshit lies trying to trick people into believing they reinvented the TV!!!! SONY MAY GOD'S SPEED BE WITH YOU!!!!!

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jaredhart2505d ago

It's all on you Sony, the potential "savior" of the video game industry.

Two words: Mon tage

Cue the Music, Pan the Camera to Kevin Butler in Karate Kid tournament uniform -

"You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down
You’re the Best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own"

Now wouldn't that make a great comeback commercial for Kevin Butler?

elhebbo162505d ago

After the silverstone incident he aint gonna come back :/. but I hope sony goes hard with the marketing, like the snes vs genesis days.

THEDON82z12505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

@andibandit We could all just donate our Ps4's to Microsoft 300,000 virtue servers than it might just be powerful enough to render the dog's shit!!!

andibandit2505d ago

Its all down to Sony, but is the ps4 hardware powerful enough to render that COD Dog???

KillrateOmega2505d ago

Who knows? That dog is rocket science level stuff after all.

elhebbo162505d ago

I'll just switch to PC if sony does anythin stupid, its really that simple. but im sure they wont since they the emphasized the PS4 as for gamers by gamers so announcing DRM would just ruin their whole momentum.

GiantFriendlyCrab2505d ago

without gaming colsoles, pc gaming is also dead. Not the indie games that are free. Consoles keep pc gaming still relevant. Otherwise the industry would be dead

gamer422505d ago

That's not true in the game crash, while console gaming was virtually dead, PC gaming was alive and well.

karl2504d ago

thats true but pc gaming is to hardcore for some people... and its fanbase will never be as big as console gamers...

consoles are easy and parent may buy them for their children or themself and still play hardcore games...

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