Apple Releases New "Vista Sucks" Advertisement

In the latest "Get a Mac" ad from Apple, PC "doesn't like the overhead banner ads that feature quotes pertaining to Vista's total suckage from the likes of CNET and PC Magazine, so he resorts to using his 'Emergency Banner Refresh' switch to try for a better one." Video after the break.

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decapitator3865d ago

haha...Apple are not wasting anytime at all.

robep33864d ago

You have to remember Apple make a piece of software that makes Vista look good and that is i-tunes the WORST piece of software EVER it is total CRAP!!!!!!!!!


ravenguard883864d ago

iTunes is the worst piece of software I have ever been forced into using. In fact, I still refuse to use it.

Hartt913865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Lol, theses ads are awesome.

ben hates you3865d ago

are a big reason i don't buy from them, all they do is attack microsoft in their ads its a major turn off for me

yesah3865d ago

agreed, there ads make me so pissed off at them mainly because Microsoft has never retaliated and make attackful ads against Mac.

LJWooly3865d ago

No, Microsoft go for the 'behind the scenes' attacks, rather than the full-frontal public fight.

The only difference between Apple and MS, is that when Apple attacks Microsoft, the consumer knows about it. Mocrosoft know that if the mass market knew about most of the things they do, they probably wouldn't have secured their monopolisation of the PC industry in the first place, mainly becasue of public perception of that company.

Gondee3865d ago

yeah, i don't like them attacking MS like that. Major turn off.

Didn't MS give them like 100 million or something years back to stay alive.

I don't even know what leporid is from this ad. the avg person is gona say. "oo, Leporid Mac OS 10x, that sounds confusing"
They need to rethink there stratigy

ravenguard883864d ago

if instead of poking fun, they tried to show off their own features.

Honestly, nothing has come out of Apple that didn't make me think that they're just selling because they look good. Sure, ease of use, but that's for people that can't get their head around dealing with computers. It's funny, you have the niche market for people who want something incredibly simplified, then you have another niche market for people who want more control (Linux), Windows is right in the middle and that's probably why it does so well.

The only people I know in real life who own Apple computers have no clue about computer hardware, one of them owns it because "it's pretty" and the other owns one because "my cousin told me their so much better than PC's."

When we were discussing it, I said "well, you can get a 500gb hard drive for about $100 now," she promptly responded: "Yeah, but is that a MAC hard drive!?"

I mean, people even think they're so special they need their own kind of specific RAM. I'll let you all in on a secret: They generally use cheap, Kingston memory. Generally, it is low-frequency-high-latency memory. Funny how they have no problem over-charging, but they also have no problem cheaping out on the quality of their parts... other than their nice flashy LCD screens and shiny white cases...

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eagle213865d ago

Excuse my

HarryEtTubMan3865d ago

Microsft is lame and keeps getting owned becuase they always try to do their own thing and it FAILS. Just like the FLOPbox, Zune, Vista, HD DVD.... Full of fail.

AngryTypingGuy3864d ago

Well at least MS is good at one thing...convincing Sony exclusives to go multiplatform. Gotta love all of that money...

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