Fast And Furious Showdown: worst Wii U game of 2013?

Wii U Daily: "Looks like it was built with a game engine straight out of North Korea..."

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Neonridr2497d ago

Worst Wii U game of 2013 or worst game period of 2013? This game is also out on 360 and PS3, and I imagine it's just as much crap on those systems as well.

badz1492496d ago

it's not even May but we already have Alien CM, SIM City, WD Survival Instinct and now this? WTH?

yugovega2496d ago

walking dead isn't a bad game. reviewers just expected a different type of game much lke zombiu.

Neonridr2496d ago

Yeah, maybe it's the 13 part of the 2013 that is causing all of this. Fortunately the 2nd half of the year has some heavy hitters coming which may be able to salvage 2013. (Last of Us, GTA V, 3D Mario)

yugovega2497d ago

hmm I don't know, I've heard aliens is pretty bad.

Heisenburger2496d ago

Aliens isn't on Wii U.

Though why this article singles out the Wii U specifically I do. not. know.

Zodiac2496d ago

The cars just roll off you lol. The car is a damn ramp.

GreenRanger2496d ago

Did anybody actually expect it to be good?

BlueDodger3232496d ago

Did anyone even rent it? Definitely isn't a buy

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