Xbox Done: Why Xbox One can't win

Has Microsoft doomed the Xbox One before it's even released?

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FrigidDARKNESS2504d ago

Never heard of this site.
Fanboy troll thread nothing to see here at all.
All these troll threads folks must be insecure.

Snookies122504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Too much for me to read through at the moment, but I've not heard of the site either.

JokesOnYou2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Well if you look at it its just some random guy/site that nobody's ever heard of spewing nonsense like this:

"Before we get into the ugliness of the system, let’s first go over the ridiculous name that is so bad it makes “Wii U” look like a good name to give to a gaming system. There are many, many reasons why the name “Xbox One” is a stupid name. For one (ha)"

-I mean who besides only the most loyal sonyfanboy would bother with this site....that's why its irrevelant what silly sites like this say. The top gaming sites are far more balanced which is why they have much much more traffic.

HammadTheBeast2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

This is an opinion piece.

Jokes on you.

Same way you defend MS, they can attack it.

LOGICWINS2504d ago

^^But you need a rational basis to attack or defend something. Does anyone here ACTUALLY believe that the Xbox One has ZERO chance of doing well?

MysticStrummer2504d ago

@Logic - You've been on N4G for a long time. You should know very well by now that opinion pieces don't need a rational basis. Flame bait opinion pieces are the very foundation of N4G.

JokesOnYou2504d ago

Logic you are correct, unfortunately Mystic is right about this site, "Logic" does not apply here in this fictional world known as n4g.

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Muerte24942504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

the author is free to express his opinion, just like you're free to disagree with it. People are thinking 3rd party isn't going to support Sony if they don't block used games. Some not all third party developers are supporting Wii U even though there is no blocking used games. PS4, just like the Wii U, doesn't require an internet connection to play games.

Things we know:
*PS4 doesn't need an internet connection to function
*PS4 doesn't require mandatory installs
*Sony focuses on the world as a whole and not just one region like Microsoft
*Publishers cannot afford to support only Xbox:ONE

Joystiq interviewing Yoshida on Sony considering always online.

"Did we consider it? No, we didn't consider it," Yoshida said. "The main reason being that many countries don't have robust Internet connections. It makes sense for people to have Internet connections to play online games, but for offline games there are many countries that we saw [that] do not really have robust Internet."

Bigpappy2504d ago

"*Publishers cannot afford to support only Xbox:ONE"

Which system can they only support.

"*Sony focuses on the world as a whole and not just one region like Microsoft"

M$ spend and waste more money in Japan that it does in the Americas. They compete everywhere else. Actually more games were bought on 360 than PS3. That is what higher attach rates mean when the number of console sales are close.

When you say: "Things we know", who exactly is 'we' referring to.

Muerte24942504d ago

is referring to actual facts. Nintendo didn't block used games and they still receive support from the 3rd party community, including EA. If you think that any 3rd party developer is going to skip on the ps4 this day in age, you're insane. Xbox 1 was built for America only and an older version of it. Not many people still watch live TV on cable. Microsoft doesn't really compete in Europe either.

MysticStrummer2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Yeah since when have opinion pieces been allowed on N4G!!!

Oh yeah.

They've been allowed all along.

Carry on.

I definitely think it's possible for Neo (The One) to win, but not against Sony and Nintendo because MS isn't competing with them anymore. If One does well other companies, including Sony, will make something similar. If that happens, Sony and MS will be competing again.

I also disagree that WiiU is a better name. One makes sense because MS is starting over with a new product, not making a new game console.

Elzer2504d ago

Gaikai will not be anything else but streaming. Those who praise Gaikai and think that they can imitate microsoft future computing cloud system is wrong. PS4 infustricture was not made with that vision in mind.
Gaikai as a replacement for backwards compatiblitiy is a joke. Those who want to play ps1, ps2, ps3 games already owns these systems and already played the games in which they will stream from Gaikai. Why waste effort/money to repurchase these games on Gaikai knowing that streaming a game will no doubt have latency/lag response. Only 5 percent of people actually play games from non current gen systems. Something tells me if your playing a ps3 game there must be something wrong with the PS4 launch line up.

The point of Xbox One's 3 operating systems is not to focus on tv or other entertainment features. Thats just an extra feature thats real good. Think about it. When your watching tv no longer does your friends have to call you or check their phone app to check if yor online. Now with xbox interface on top of tv your game invites, game messages, game voice messages will never be missed. This is one great perk for core gamers. Admit it or not. It is... One great cable box!!!

horndog2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

N4G is just flooded with this type of crap. Never seen so manny fanboys trying so hard to convince people not to buy a product. Im certainly getting an xboxone perhaps even two for upstairs. I cant wait

Clarence2504d ago

You never seen so manny fanboys trying so hard to convince people not to buy a product.

Stop lying. When the PS3 came out N4g and most of the media tried to convince people not to buy the PS3.

@Elzer the xbox 1 is not backwards compatible. Tell me what M$ is doing about that?

Why waste money paying full price for a use game just so you can play it on the betamax one.

Oh you need to work on your grammar

TheSurg2503d ago

And yet, you get plenty of disagrees and almost no agrees. That actually shows how right you are, all those fanboy trolls rage right now.

Elzer2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Lets face it... the uture is about all our devices being connected to the internet. Xbox will need to be connected and it will do things ps4 cant do 5-10years down the road.. You all wont be living under a cave forever... You all wont be using dial-up forever... If your a core gamer.... You play online multiplayer... If youve experience lag online, it becomes a crappy experience, wont be any different with microsoft cloud computing server. It Will give you that same crappy experience... Nothing new here folks! Microsoft azure cloud computing power is a gain to gamers and not a loss...

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Count2504d ago

Obvious flame bait article is obvious.

Xbox Done for a title, a picture of a VCR with an Xbox logo. And this is represented by the very guy that wrote this article.


Credibility straight out the window.

DiRtY2504d ago

on other sites / forums you get banned for trolling for this. On N4G it is news. Gives you an idea how this site is doing.

MysticStrummer2504d ago

According to my screen, this is under Articles/Opinions. Not News.

Flame bait opinion pieces have been N4G's bread and butter ever since I can remember.

JohnApocalypse2504d ago

Why is everyone making final judgement over one bloody hour long press conference?


it may seem like everyone is flipping out over just 1hr worth of conference, but if you are an xbox fan lets face it, this thing has been building up for months now.

horror_spooky2504d ago

It's not flame bait.

It is my opinion based on accurate information and a funny picture that just happens to address my point of the console's ugliness very well.

Since the vast majority of people on the Internet, especially N4G users, are anti-Xbox One, who, exactly, am I baiting?

OC_MurphysLaw2504d ago

Classic N4G journalism. He poses a question as the brief intro of the article...but he already answered his own question with the title. Really no reason to read it.

2504d ago
TechnicianTed2504d ago

I'm not keen on the new Xbox at all, but his points seem to contradict. He is negative about Xbox One for being reliant on being online, and yet seemingly praises Sony for backwards compatibility capabilities that require you being online.

Besides, having a headline with 'Xbox Done' is pretty childish.

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